Friday, October 31, 2008

i am sick of politics

i am not a very political person. i have never enjoy talking about politics, nor have i a desire. it has always just seemed very boring and honestly too big of an adult conversation (which greater proves that i am immature. forget the fact that i have comic books in my bathroom and action figures in the basement).

but i do know enough to know when people are just being stupid. for some reason a lot of people think that if you are a christian you are automatically a conservative. so therefore i must be voting for mccain.

i hate that. i hate that people believe eternity hinges on the next president of america (cause Jesus loves the great U.S. more than any other country).

i listened to someone yesterday talking

"i am praying that God's man (mccain) gets into the white house and by some small chance if obama gets in we will know that it is God's judgment on america."

what? have we really gone this off course from what we were called to do? what was it Jesus said??? oh yeah.. love.

such a simple word, but seems like it means nothing to the christian community. i hear more talks about the next president more than helping the family that has lost it all in a fire.

tone change:

a month or two ago i was "blessed" to listen to a man named whitey adkins try to convince me to vote for him. it was an annoying conversation and there was no way he was going to get my vote.

1. he bleaches his hair orange.
2. he likes to talk about himself way too much.
3. he just doesn't seem to be a trust worthy person.

but today all of that changed.

he came into the circuit clerk's office with sausage biscuits for all of us. he didn't talk long thankfully, but he brought us breakfast. food. it was actually good too.

so now i may vote for him. who cares if he introduced himself to me for the 4th time. who cares that he has no history of political experience. who cares that he is hooked on himself.

he brought me breakfast. that is how you get my vote.

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SRoSeNcRaNs said...

i'm not sure, mr. hall, but i do believe that's called bribery....'ol whitey better be careful!