Monday, October 20, 2008

random memories

do you ever have a day where odd memories come back to you for no reason?
you walk into a room and you see a flash from your past that you thought you had forgotten about?

i have been doing this lately. i am not sure if it is due to the lack of sleep or the change in air pressure. what ever the case... it is odd.

the other day i was weed eating around my house and i remembered when my twin sister was holding me down and punching me in the face (she was bigger than me when we were kids)and i got mad and punched her back and broke her glasses. i remember the fear and dread. my mom was not happy when tammy came running in holding her broken glasses. i knew my mom would never notice my bloody nose. and she didn't. glasses were more expensive than the blood pouring out of me.

as i shook this image out of my head i cut a little frog's head off. poor little fellow didn't deserve it. his guts smacked against the side of the house. wondergirl jumped with excitement waiting to devour what was left over. i was just hoping his guts weren't on my clothes.


throughout the day i would remember things from my childhood. some of them good memories and others not so good.

when i was in 8th grade this jerk named steven gross made fun of me on the bus because i only had one armpit hair. it's not my fault that he was 18 years old and a freshman in high school! he would torment me daily.

i loved the day he was kicked off the bus. he had a habit of drinking pop on the bus and mr.chrisman (D-bag from hell) would not allow that. mr.chrisman pulled over and started yelling.

"i know you got a pop mr.gross."

"what the f- are you talking about? i don't have a pop!"

"we go through this everyday. i have had it with you." his redneck high pitched voice would yell.

"what are you going to do about it?" (i imagined mr.chrisman punching him in the face. this would be legal since steven was 18 and pretty much already a grown man).

the fight continued for a few more minutes... than steven was kicked off the bus.

i remember smiling as i watched that greasy haired punk walk off the bus. if i would have been braver i would have flipped him off, but instead i stared straight ahead knowing that he was watching me as the bus pulled away.

i like to think that today we could be friends, but i doubt i will ever cross his path again... unless he comes to court. which seems to happen a lot with me and my former bullies.

they aren't as tough as they used to be.

one who actually tried to pull a karate kid move on me cried in court when they took his license away. i felt sorry for him, but something inside laughed too.

most of my young life i was picked on by a lot of my peers. i was a dorky kid with bad hair and glasses. it wasn't until i sang "please don't go girl" (by new kids)that life started to change for me.

the girl's started to like me because i was able to carry a tune. i became heather comb's boyfriend right after that.

the guy's called me a fag and a lot of my friends made fun of me daily.

i am able to laugh about this now, but back then i really bothered me. i was always afraid of what was going to be said to me walking down the halls.

this story is still brought up often by people who know me well.

recently when new kids started touring again. i was sitting in court when i received a text from a friend i haven't talked to in forever.

"new kids are back together. are you going to join them?"

i was able to laugh. heck, i laugh about it often now.

a lot of the moments of my childhood that i once viewed as rough or hard... are amusing now. i can laugh. i don't hold a grudge against this morons who took pleasure in making fun of me. i just hope they don't point out my faults the next time i see them.

and if they do... i will smile and take it like i always do.

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Sgt. Salt said...

now you know how i feel when you always make fun of me. i cry inside. : (