Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i failed the challenge

what changed and what should keep changing

i believe it is expected out of every blogger to write something about the end of a year and the beginning of another. so i am going to attempt to write something about the closing of 2008. nothing profound or enlightening... just me being me...

in the beginning of 2008 my goal was to lose weight (who doesn't have that goal), to not stress over the small things, and to grow closer to God. i honestly think i have the same goals every year... yet, i think this year i reached one of my goals.

i was able to lose a few more pounds (36 inch waist to 33), but still don't have the beach bod i want.. so this year i am going to keep working on that.

i didn't grow closer to God. in some ways i grew further away. seeing what i see in court causes me to some times wonder why He lets so many bad things happen to little kids. i know there is going to be an answer from the conservative type, but some times i just don't buy it.

i also still stress over the little things inside. i have a hard time admitting when i am overwhelmed by something. i can walk around for days not showing that there is a battle going on inside my head... then one day i will explode and my mouth will end up causing more damage than a fat man sitting in a plastic lawn chair from dollar general.

so this new year that is coming up, i am going to focus on who i am supposed to be. too long i have tried to please everyone around me and i have forgotten who i was created to be.

now i want to do a list of things that have happened this year.

riley thomas was born (greatest day of my life).
my sister got cancer again (worst day of my life).
the avatar ended (i cried).
the dark knight (i peed my pants)!
i got a tattoo.
angie didn't kill me when we got a bank statement (monthly danger i face).
wondergirl was missing and then returned 10 days later.
wongergirl was killed 5 months after that.
i shaved my head and discovered i have an odd shaped head.
i tore something inside me and bled for months.
due to james' wonderful attachments, i no longer can open his e-mails at work.
riley no longer likes yoshima, but cold play.
3 months of no fights with father in-law.
discovered that belly button lint stinks.
got my toe stuck in a chair (long story).
married josh and rue.
josh moved (sad day).
did my first jewish/christian wedding.
lost more hair and naired my back and got burned.
passed out in the bathroom (due to a sickness) and woke up with my head on the toilet.
got batman lego and my life has been forever changed...

this is a small list. i just thought i would throw a few things out there...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

hope you all have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ready to hit the road

today i leave for st.louis. i am not sure what time i will be hitting the road. it is all up to the judge. it seems like every year court falls on the day i need to travel.

last year i didn't get to st.louis til 4 in the morning. it was one of the longest drives of my life. i remember having a hard time staying awake, but thankfully this year i am stopping for coffee every chance i get.

so, i guess i am writing to say merry christmas to everyone. i really hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends...

love ya!

Friday, December 19, 2008

observation...not my wife's strongest gift

normally i try to avoid bringing up touchy subjects between my wife and i... yet today i cannot avoid it. i can no longer be silent about my smart talented wife's lesser and unused gift.

since ang and i have been dating i have noticed her lack of observing those around her while she shops in wal-mart. she enjoys blocking the aisles with her cart. blocking people's view of the items they are shopping for.

me being the wonderful person i am - i am always aware of those around me. always trying to make sure i am not in any one's way. i am even more sensitive during the holiday season. tensions are high amongst the christmas shoppers and they are easily set of by the slightest inconvenience.

last night we went to wal-mart and i really tried hard not to be uptight while she shopped. i even took the cart so she wouldn't be able to block, run in to, or annoy any other shoppers.

most of the shopping experience was uneventful. just once when she backed into a woman's path to a picture frame. me being the good husband i am, i just smiled at the lady and she kept walking.

on the way home angie and i talked about what i had observed. she accused me of overreacting. i pressed harder that i was correct. she pressed harder that i was wrong and just an uptight person.

thankfully we never actually got heated on this subject.

some of you may wonder why i am writing such a blog to talk about my wife... because i want the world to be on the look out for my wife in wal-mart.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

christmas past

for some reason i have started to think about christmas with my family.
it maybe cause i won't get to see them until after christmas or it could be the fact that there was always something to make christmas stick out more in my mind.

one year i received a cabbage patch khoosa (a dog i called coco). i was maybe 7 years old and i remember getting a "swat" to my butt for pointing out that his outfit had a tail hole (a place for his tail to stick out). how was i to know i was saying something i should not have?! it is still a happy memory.

there was a year my granny bought me a bunch of he-man action figures. i was so happy. it was the he-man with battle damage (you hit his chest and a scratch would appear in his armor. hit him again and another scratch would appear). i spent most of christmas playing up stairs with he-man. only food was able to pull me away from my action figures.

two weeks later his leg broke off... it was a sad day.

when i was a freshman in high school my papaw bought some of us burial plots. i was not thrilled. how do you say "thank you" when you only get to use it in death?
i know now he was just looking out for us, but still! throw a couple of dollars in there or something!

so this year i am looking forward to my son's first christmas. i want to make each one a good or odd memory. i want him to look back and see his dad as a lot of fun and always making things a little more interesting.

i am sorry that this blog seems to be all over the place. i am sitting in court and i am trying to act like i am paying attention... so hard to play the role of an adult.

Monday, December 15, 2008

oh the holidays

it seems like every year i end up spending most of my time in the courtroom.
last year after spending 12 hours in court i drove to st.louis to spend christmas with my wife's family. the long drive and many cups off coffee left me feeling less festive the next day.

this year i will be spending the day before christmas eve in court and then driving once again to st.louis.

i am not complaining about the drive or court.

i am complaining because i won't get to spend time with my brother in-law's. i always look forward to spending quality time making fun of the family with them.

it turns out the day i arrive in st.louis is the day they leave for home. i knew growing up was going to be hard, but no one told me that having a job would keep me from doing the things i love.

on a side note...

jasper was part of his first christmas program last night. even though he is only 2 months old, i must say he was the best actor up there. he did everything he was supposed to.

i was a proud father. the rest of the parents must of hung their heads in shame when they saw my little boy take the stage.

now i sit in a courtroom waiting for court to start. thankfully today is going to be a short day, but tomorrow is going to be a longer one.

i am getting sick of looking at the people in court. it is the same people over and over again. i don't understand why people just can't stay out of trouble.

ok... i am going to stop complaining. i have a lot more to complain about, but i won't.

don't worry james... i won't mention how people get to know me to get to you...
someday i will reach your level of greatness...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

things i can use to start fights with the in-laws over christmas

too many this will be a shock....but i don't always agree with my in-laws. i know, i know... i get a long with everyone - why would i want to start a fight between me and my wife's family?

1. it's fun.
2. we never really get mad.
3. my father in-law and i have always argued. it is part of our friendship.
4. it wouldn't be christmas without making angie uncomfortable (she often worries what is going to come out of my mouth next).
5. they can't stay mad at me too long... i have a baby.

so as i sit here at my desk, i think of great topics to bring up. like george w. saying he doesn't believe the Bible is literal. WOW!!! W. is like one of the apostles to some people. could this be? could he not be as great as some people in my family think?

what about bringing up the american flag standing erect in the church? seems kind of odd to have a national idol in the church doesn't it?

maybe why i think charlie daniels music is annoying?

or how fox news is actually pushing porn with their website.

i don't say these things because i strongly believe in them, but because of the reaction i receive from her father. it brings holiday joy to my heart.

steve knows i love to annoy him.... just like he likes to annoy me. it is a beautiful friendship. if we were to always be nice to each other... i would worry.

Monday, December 08, 2008

recently a website has been brought to my attention by some of the teens in my youth group. normally i just ignore what they talk about. assuming it is nothing more than teenage stupidity, but for some reason i visited this website.

i discovered i was wrong. a lot of teens do post some retarded things, but i also discovered that a lot of adults spend a lot of time on this website. they waste their time posting horrible comments about the locals and what they think about the appco workers.

it is a website meant for local news, but has become a place for prep haters to voice their feelings about being skanks, husbands to talk about cheating on their wives, middle school kids poll people to see who they should date, and pastor's children to be attacked for being children.

this website is completely retarded... and i love it. not because i read about which lee county middle school girl is ugly, but because i am entertained by how low people will go when their identity is safe.

i know, i know.... shame on me for going to such a lowbrow website, but come on!!! it is local news!!!!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

jasper's Christmas list

my last two blogs have been somewhat sad. so i figured i would try to lighten the mood...
so i am going to post jasper's Christmas list.

a Wii for daddy.
a Mac book pro for daddy.
a blackberry for daddy.
batman lego for ds for daddy.
an ink pen for mommy.
and last but not least.... the ability to control my arms.

isn't he the sweetest little boy. always thinking of others.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


this morning wondergirl's little friend skippy came to visit her this morning. i almost started to cry.. i sat him down and explained to him that she was never coming back, but he kept looking for her. he went into her dog house, to her favorite spot on the porch, then he ran down to the garage... it was sad. then he found her. he found the spot she was buried. he just sniffed around with his tail wagging, but then it stopped once he realized she wasn't coming out of the ground. it was sad. so i fixed him some food and went on to work.
i never realized how much i would love that dog. i will miss walking with her to the lake. throwing sticks in the air. watching her act like she is going to attack me, but then to have her just jump up and kiss me.

Monday, December 01, 2008

i will miss you

today i lost my best friend. sure she couldn't really talk and she liked to jump on me a lot, but i loved her. she was the best dog ever... i wish i wouldn't have let you out for that split second.