Thursday, February 19, 2009

sunday morning poop

i took this video with my cell... i wanted to capture my little boy talking, but in the middle of the conversation, i realized he was doing more than talking. at the end of the video you can tell that he takes his pooping very serious.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

force of habit

i am a lazy blogger.
i have a lot i could blog about, but i would rather just avoid typing about them.
i fear that i am becoming old and boring.
so while sitting in court thinking about how lazy i have become, i was playing with a rubber band.
arguments are going back and forth over a repeat offender.
we have a different judge sitting on the bench.
a court room full of people.
my bladder is full.
i am bad at blogging.
next thing i know, the rubber band goes flying out of my hands in the middle of a sheriff testifying to what he had witnessed.
i look around. i laugh at first, but realize i am being recorded. so i try to play it cool. making sure that no one really noticed my stupid move.

a voice in my head asks me when i am going to grow up... at that same time i take another rubber band and begin to play with it. i hope i still have some crunch berries.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

winter months

i think i have blogged before about how i hate the winter months.
dark, cold, depressing, and ice.

this has been one of the coldest winters we have had in my small town.
ice falling from the sky. freezing everything. causing electricity to go out. phones to not work, and worst of all... i spent a few hours with a crazed lunatic!
i can't go into too much great detail, but this person is in love with an egg and a medieval slave that sings song about a land named after a cow.
i know, i know... i am not very tolerant of other people. just trust me when i say, you would have felt the same if you were me.

so now as i sit and wait for my world to thaw a little, i pass the time by playing pac-man and searching the dvr for old family guys... only to discover my lovely wife has deleted them all. thanks ang!

i almost forgot to mention i have a new dog!
my heart is still broken over the death of wondergirl, and i was not out looking for a new dog. i never expected that i would turn into my twin sister and take a stray home. yet, i did. he is not the cutest thing ever, but he is sweet and lovable.
he doesn't bark, bite, or jump on you.
ang was not too thrilled that i brought him home, but she was glad that i saved him from being killed by the local pound.
so now we have a dog called bosco. not sure why i picked that name, but it fits.

jasper has been doing really well. he is growing like crazy and pooping a lot more grown up looking messes. it is kind of unsettling when your son can out fart you. there is a sense of pride, don't get me wrong... i just was not prepared for him to excel over me so soon.

i forced myself to write this blog... i hope many of you find something of use in it. i just wonder if anyone noticed i typed "martian luther king" in my last blog.
i was going to change it, but it shows how big of a comic book nerd i am or how little i pay attention to what i write.