Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Miss the Days of Poop on the Brown Carpet

Tonight my wife made the statement "When did life get so complicated?". Her comment was ordained (or at least I will tell myself that). Moments before I had been taking a hard look at life and the events that come crashing in to take away the hope for a better tomorrow. All of the stress brought me to a moment of nostalgia

Let's have a flashback 15 minutes before her words fell from her mouth...
I was in the shower thinking back to my childhood. Trying to remember my earliest memory. That feeling of happiness and not a care in the world. When my parents were perfect and my brother was still my best friend.

One of the first memories  I have is of running to the bathroom screaming for my brother to get out. The fear and the pressure building up as I knew soon I would make my mother regret me being potty trained. As I pounded my little fist on the door I knew my efforts were in vain. I felt the weight I had been holding in fall to the ground. The relief and wait was over, but soon the screams would follow. I looked down to see my "business" on the brown carpet. The laughter of my brother and the screams of my twin. My mother wanting to be mad, but laughing as she told me to get into the bathroom so she could clean me up. Sadly the memory ends there, but I would like to think my brother had to pick up the mess since it was his fault for not letting me in. I feel it would have been justice, but so many times in life there isn't justice and it all just ends up on the brown carpet.

I know an odd story to share, but the truth is... I miss those days. I miss my family being all that I needed. To share a room with my brother and watch him make me a He-Man chest plate and allow me to ride on his back like he was Battlecat. To come running home from Sunday night church and watch the Sunday night Disney movie (except Mr.Boogedy. I was scared of the dark and he was one scary looking man). To fall asleep on my older sister's shoulder while going to my Grandmother's and being beat up by my twin sister while she wore huge thick glasses. Yet as time went on life got more complicated.

My older sister was diagnosed with colon cancer at 13, my brother went off to college and our relationship was never the same and my twin was cooler than me in high school, but I thought I was too cool to be her friend.
But through it all my families love stayed the same. My family stayed strong when all of life seemed to fall apart. And no matter how complicated life got...we were still a family.

We were a family when I pooped on the brown carpet and we are going to still be family when life's tragedies pulls us under.

I just pray I can show that same family love to my boys. Even when Ri pees on my manpurse.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Death of the Family

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This artwork caught my attention. Real life villains with the costumes of comic book villains. Yet as I looked closely I noticed some of the villains really aren't villains (to me)... But in my life a lot of people I view as villains are not villains to my wife. She actually loves some of the people I truly want to hate.
And as a follower of Christ... Should I really view anyone as a villain? Love all....Forgive all....Maybe one day I will get it.. Till then I will silently fight them in my mind to stop their evil from spreading.