Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hump day

as a kid this term confused me, but i will not get into that boring story. i would rather tell you about the trials i have faced today. this will shock and awe you. your heart will break and you will find tears welling up in your eyes. you will look to the heavens and ask "why?".

but please don't feel bad for me. for i am human and though these trials may seem large, they are nothing compared to what countless others face across this floating ball we call earth.

it started this morning as i was pulling out of the driveway. i noticed that i had an uncomfortable pain in the lowest part of my back. i couldn't figure out why. as i drove i kept on trying to adjust myself to make the pain/annoyance go away. nothing worked.

here i was wearing a pair of my wedge proof underwear and not getting the satisfaction that was promised to me. each time i would move my foot to the brake, the underwear would move up a little bit more. it was becoming so unbearable.

when i exited my car i looked around quickly to see if anyone was watch.
coast was clear.
i dug them out and took a few steps...
they were back where they didn't belong.

so now i am trying to make it through the day with my underwear in my bum. not much fun...

on a more positive note:
i got a pumpkin pie blizzard from DQ!!!

i had forgotten about my favorite seasonal flavor, but thankfully josh reminded me the other day (i owe you one!).

oh it is pure heaven to partake of such a frozen treat.

the only bad thing is.... i end up getting sick from eating one.

my wife asks "why do you eat those if you know you will get sick?"

"it is worth the 30 minutes on the toilet! trust me... ok?"

so now i am sitting at work. underwear up my crack. pumpkin pie blizzard in my belly. i hope i can make it home before i get sick!


SRoSeNcRaNs said...

i had a pair on monday. i promptly threw them away when i got home, i'm so sick of wedgies.
and pumpkin pie blizzards are disgusting, i don't know how you eat those. tim's newfound addiction is breyer's fried ice cream flavored ice cream....he ate the whole container in two days, we were both sick.

Tommy said...

i think it happens to a lot more people, but we are the only ones strong enough to be honest about it.
have you had a pumpkin pie blizzard? they are really good. i am telling you once you have one you will only want that flavor.
i have never had fried ice cream flavor... i will have to seek this out. maybe it won't give me the poops!