Thursday, May 29, 2008

a little serious

work has taken a turn for the stressful, but i still love it. i never thought i would enjoy working in the court system so much. i just never thought this job would turn into me digging deeper into court cases and having to learn legal terms. i still have yet to fall in love with wearing a tie, but that is ok.
i have also been trying to do some "soul searching". trying to understand God more and find the passion that i once had for serving people. i have kind of lost it. i am not sure if i just have fallen into the trap of living a normal life or just become lazy and hard to the ways of God.
whatever the case maybe... i need to get my act together. a lot of this may have to deal with the fact i am going to be a father soon. it scares me, but i am looking forward to it.
ok.. enough of this serious crap... i had a friend buy pillow shams. SHAMS! what man buys pillow shams? i can't help but laugh at him, but honestly i think he isn't sure what they are used for. i believe he will become annoyed with removing them and putting them back on everyday. next thing he will be buying a shoes that sweep your hardwood floors.
today i am only working half the day. we are closing the office early... so now i am trying to get my mind in gear to do some more yard work. it is really odd.. i find myself daydreaming about what i can do to make my yard better. i need to get some creek bed rocks and some more flowers just to make the yard look alive.. i also need to do some more shoveling of the dog's poo.
i am bored with this blog.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the art of being an idiot

there are many things we call art.
playing an instrument
writing poems
to name a few, but many don't realize that being an idiot is an art. it is an art that i have mastered. not many people can get out of a tough spot by just giving a blank stare like i can or throw a bunch of words together to lead someone to believe you actually care about their life. i do often and i do it darn well.
i guess i shouldn't be so proud of this art. it is not one that most people flaunt and honestly i am not really flaunting it. i am an idiot remember. so therefore i am just sharing what i do well. and that is being myself. so maybe it is more a way of life than an art. hmmm.. i may have to dwell more on this as i sit in court and stare into the computer screen. sounds like a plan.

Monday, May 26, 2008


today was the first day i had the pleasure of mowing my own yard (the boycott of touching a mower ended). i thought about the many different ways i could tell the story, but i thought a picture would do better...
wondergirl kept me on my toes or should i say, found a way to fill in the gaps between them.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

dodging butterflies

many of you know i have a twin sister. she is a lot different than i am. for one, she is a girl (no smart remarks or middle school comebacks please). second, her personality is a lot different from mine. where i am more out spoken and rarely find a way to keep my thoughts to myself; she is quiet and shy. she is soft spoken (unless you piss her off) and she keeps her thoughts to herself.
every time i ride in a car with her i become nervous. not because she is a bad driver, but because she breaks for every animal. dogs, cats, birds, and butterflies. don't get me wrong. i try to avoid hitting animals, but butterflies? they are hard to avoid. it's like they congregate in the middle of the road. if i were to try to avoid them all, i would end up over a hill.
yet (yes, this is where it becomes and even odder...ha.. otter.. blog) i found myself dodging butterflies yesterday. it was a reflex. i didn't realize i was doing it until i almost hit a car. i am not sure if tammy has influenced me or if it is a twin thing and she is able to take over my body without me knowing. that would explain why i ate so much the other night...
but dodging butterflies? what kind of man does this? a girly man? a loving man? a godly man? maybe just a complete idiot. i am sure i will stick with that one.
i admit it has been awhile since i have really stopped to write a good post, but i just can't seem to find the time. i am getting scared. i think i am becoming an adult. it could be due to the fact i am going to be a dad in a few months or maybe because i am going to be 30... whatever the case.. i hate it.
two nights ago i told angie i was going to give up some of my comics so we could have extra money for jasper. i couldn't believe what i was saying. i love my comics. sometimes more than i love life it's self. if i start selling my action figures online.. please someone step in and stop me. that is just insane.
also, this weekend begins the mowing of my yard by-dum dum dum.... myself. it makes me sick to my stomach to think about, but some times you have to step up and be a man or your wife tells you to buy a mower cause she is sick of paying the neighbor to mow. not that scott doesn't do a good job, but we are saving money... but i am losing my innocence in the process..
well, i hope you all have a wonderful day. i know i will.

Monday, May 19, 2008

trials and a trial

looks like i am going to be spending my week in the courtroom. don't get me wrong. i love sitting and listening to people try to get out of the crimes they have committed, but i just get bored with the doodles i do. i need to learn new ways to draw. i normally do the side profile thing and give them the pooch lip... a lot of people think they look cool until they realize that is all i draw when i doodle.
maybe i should start working on skull tattoos and rebel flags (kidding). then i would really fit in with the crowd i am hanging out with in court.
i think one good thing that is coming from me being in court is that i don't have to deal with my full inbox. it is the best excuse for not returning e-mails. of course i don't do that to any of you. i always write you back when i have a chance. honestly. i was busy in court and when i was at home i was busy cleaning my office. i will return your e-mail when i get a free moment. promise!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

movies i should never admit to watching

attack of the killer tomatoes
dumb and dumberer
she's all that
spider-man 3
batman forever
batman and robin
scream 3
epic movie

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

dangers of growing older

for the past couple of days i have started to realize how much i am growing up. i no longer find as much pleasure from watching cartoons as i used to. i am not talking about farting as much as i did before. i have lost time to day dream. work is getting harder and i am taking on more now too.. i don't laugh at people getting hurt as much either!! i know.. it freaks me out too.
i have started to really look into my faith as well. all of my life i have been surrounded by the safety net of the church, but here lately i have started to question a lot of my childhood teachings. some think that it is dangerous, but how am i supposed to make my faith my own if i don't question?
it is really sad. i have always fought getting older. i wanted to stay 25, but walking in reverse didn't keep me from aging. just made my legs stronger.
it could be worse. i could be getting shorter. that would suck.

Friday, May 09, 2008

shadrak, meshak, and abendigo ?

Jon Super, Associated Press

By PAUL WALSH, Star Tribune

Last update: May 9, 2008 - 1:26 PM

Featured comment

Rules to be followed
In the 1950's the Supreme Court said separate was not equal. Yet many states maintained laws to keep the races separate. Looking back we … read more aplaud the young people who challenged those laws, sat at those lunch counters, refused to move to the back of the bus, etc. Why? They were in "Rome" shouldn't they, as another commenter wrote, "done as the Romans did?" Am I really comparing these kids to blacks in the South igniting the civil rights movement? No. But this is still an issue that the Supreme Court has ruled on and the SCHOOL is not following the rule of law here. Those of you that would insist that kids be MADE to say the pledge... to be honest, you scare me a little. The pledge means so much more, when it is done of your own free will. As for those who are more disappointed in the parents for supporting their kids in this... A parent that supports their kid in this does not concern me. It is the ones who insist that their kid wasn't at the party drinking, or who twist teachers arms for grades, those are the ones that get under my skin.

"My son wasn't being defiant against America," said Kim Dahl, mother of one of the students, Brandt, who attends Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Junior High School in western Minnesota. She said her son offered no reason for sitting.

Brandt told the Fargo Forum that Thursday's one-day in-school suspension, "was kind of dumb because I didn't do anything wrong. It should be the people's choice."

Kim Dahl said the "punishment didn't fit the crime. If they wanted to know why he didn't stand, they should've made him write a paper."

She said that Brandt has not been standing all year, and "all of a sudden it became an in-school suspension."

The district today is defending the punishments. The school's handbook says all students are required to stand but are not obligated to recite the pledge. The same is true for all four schools in the district, a school official said.

"These three [students] didn't, and they got caught," said Mel Olson, the district's community education director. He said he backs the punishment, "being a veteran and a United States of America citizen, absolutely." Olson served in the Marines in Japan during the Vietnam War.

The head of the Minnesota American Civil Liberties Union said that the school's actions against the students are unconstitutional.

"The school can't do that; that's illegal," said Chuck Samuelson, the civil liberties group's executive director. "Wow."

Samuelson said that numerous U.S. Supreme Court rulings dating to the 1940s say that "students who refuse to participate in the pledge cannot be punished for refusing to participate."

Samuelson said he's surprised that any public school district would have such a pledge requirement. In St. Paul, said district spokesman Howie Padilla, "Students can respectfully not participate in the Pledge of Allegiance."

Olson said this morning that a "very nice announcement" was made at the start of the junior high's school today reminding the students that they must stand for the pledge.

Principal Colleen Houglum said that all students this morning were "involved in some fashion" during the pledge, adding that no additional suspensions were needed.

"Our social studies teacher led the pledge, and that was kind of a nice change of pace," Houglum said.

Kim Dahl asked Brandt why he has remained seated all school year, but "he didn't have an answer ... he doesn't get in trouble; he's just a normal 13-year-old."

As for today, she told Brandt to take his cell phone with him to school and text her should he run into trouble again.

"I said you should probably just stand if you're not protesting something."

Paul Walsh • 612-673-4482

family christian bookstore

yesterday i was feeling kind of down. i felt unloved, unattractive, and unwanted (kind of like danny). i happened to be in lexington shopping for mother's day presents when i was feeling down about myself. i had even gone to my comic book store to find a little comfort in the company i would keep in that little shop, but no one was there. just the skinny guy behind the counter. i walked out with my head hanging low. i had one more stop and then i was going to the comfort of my home.
i crossed the street and headed towards family christian bookstore. it used to be one of my favorite stores, but then i realized that everything was so expensive and the books really aren't that great. yet, i knew they had thomas kincaid stuff and my mommy loves him.
i walked in and i felt like the sexiest man in the world. i was surrounded by the fugliest people i have ever seen. thank you family christian bookstore. you gave me some love.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

dear geek squad guy

dear mr.geek squad,
i must apologize for what actions transpired may 3rd between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. .
my job was to return the microwave my friend had purchased the day before, while he found the microwave of his dreams (he actually thought he had purchased it the day before, but he wasn't paying attention and pick this ugly white and sliver microwave).
when i entered the store i was already confused. i was unable to understand the directions of the people around me. they kept telling me to go to geek squad, but i noticed customer service was right next to your station. so i proceeded to get in line. then you called me over to where you were. you asked me to sit the microwave down and then return to my spot in line. i did this. i waited and waited. there was only one poor woman working customer service and i could see she was not having the best day of her life, but it was close to getting better. she was going to see my smiling face and i was going to be the nicest person she had seen all day.
i was one person away when i heard someone yelling sir. i looked and saw you pointing to me and motioning me over. i walked over thinking you were going to take care of me.
"is this your microwave?"
"is it broken?"
"nope, it's not the one we wanted."
"oh, ok.. you can get back in line."
"yay! your checking out?" my friend says as i turn to notice he is carrying his new microwave.
"well, actually no. i was getting close to checking out, but he called me over to ask me a question."
"what? why did he do that?"
"i don't know and now i am back at the end of the line."
i walked to the end of the line to patiently wait for me to face the sad cashier. i heard a voice in anger and i turned to see my friend getting annoyed with you, the geek squad man. i could hear a few TV MATURE words and i noticed my friend, who normally is very nice, was very angry.
to save your life i walked over and tried to calm him down and he left to go get some bullets for his gun. thankfully you didn't know this. he wasn't going to kill you. i promise. he had been given a gun and needed bullets. thankfully we didn't stop by the sporting goods store first or you would have had a worse fate.
as you know i made the exchange and was on my way.
you have no idea how blessed you were to not feel the wrath of this man. he maybe smiling, but he is killing you inside.

p.s. his wrath and anger maybe due to what i had given him earlier that day (read post before to understand).

Monday, May 05, 2008

weekend lessons learned

carrying hot pink torches can make people look differently at you.
80 fl ounces of vitamin water is not smart when driving long distances.
giving adderall to a friend who is stressed is never wise (poor little geek squad guy will regret the day he called me out of line).
taking your contacts out while on the interstate isn't the safest thing.
not pooing all weekend is bad for the bowels.
having your face by the exhaust of a pressure washer can hurt your eyes and lungs.
having an older black woman love on as she praises Jesus' name and a budweiser in hand, AWESOME (yet very odd)!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

i can't believe i am saying this

we all know that i am not a huge fan of southland Bible institute. it has been a source of bitterness for many years and as i have tried to move beyond the teachings they forced upon me, i can never seem to shake their words.
i fear this is a sign of me growing up or getting soft, but i am bothered by the way the school is treating some of the workers. without going into too much detail, cause i only know what i have been told and received in the mail, they are letting go of a few of their workers.
one worker has been there 30 years and even though i rarely saw eye to eye with this teacher, he was still a very good teacher and actually cared for the students. to just let him go would be a huge error on their part. it will really hurt the school.
part of me wants to say that he is going to be more thankful to get away from that place, but he doesn't think like i do. that is a good thing i am sure. if he did think like me i am sure there would be a huge flame in the middle of ashland ky or at least a lot of yelling and stuff.
eh.. what is a person to do. i am not really worried about the school as much as the people that are going to be hurt by this retarded behavior... but what do you expect when you have a bunch of preachers on a board who are stuck reading an outdated language?!