Monday, October 27, 2008

the aftermath

the woolly worm has come and gone.
the city streets are no longer littered with rednecks and bad bluegrass music (i only say bad because i don't like bluegrass music). my friends from old have all returned to their homes and i am left here in beattyville wondering why i didn't buy that homemade ice cream.

i mean, i bought two cones of it, but i should have had at least one more. what would it have hurt? ice cream is good for you... your body has to warm it up to burn it. so you are burning calories as you eat it!

as i drove into town this morning it was like the festival had never even happened.
the streets were clean and all of the vendors were long gone. oh how i am going to miss you woolly worm... maybe some day i will be citizen of the year and i will ride down your parade.

on a different note:

today is the year anniversary of katie's death. there are days i really miss her.
this past weekend would have been a time that we would have spent time with her. she would have been here with her brother and sisters. she would have laughed at the parade with us. she would have met jasper. my father would have smacked her on the back of the head sunday morning in church like always.

it's hard to believe a year has already gone.

i still miss you.

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