Sunday, April 22, 2007

favorite song lyrics

a little ditty about jack and diane
friends are friends forever
i don't want anybody else
i am a whore i do confess
back off y'all with less of that sex
hail to glorious old lee county
i'm the lucky one
the hills are alive
i wish i were an oscar mayer wiener
ok.. so most of these are not my favorite lyrics, but i haven't blogged in forever. some of my friends have complained because they have not been able to make fun of my poor writing skills and my lack of concern for the words i write. it seems that i have a habit of saying things that i shouldn't, but i find myself just saying what i think. like in this moment i wish i had some powdered donuts. yet it is better that i don't. i have lost some weight...even though one of my close friends likes to call me fat. i have tried to learn how to vomit, but i just can't do it. i should start going to bed early. i have to get up around 6 to be ready for work.
tonight i found myself at a bell concert. a bell concert.. let me say it again... a bell concert. i know.. i should stop being so wild and just stay at home at watch my america's next top model. yet my youth group was part of it. it was kind of neat watching them ring their bells, but i couldn't help but be annoyed by the hard wooden pews. comeon. i know i live in the country, but we have soft seats... my butt fell asleep half way through the lovely noise of bells felling the air.
an hour later we were free to go. on my way out my friend alan told me about his father's finger getting closed in a safe and the tip being cut off.. ugh... they are trying to sew it on as we speak..
ok.. i am finished.. i am seeing a commercial for heroes and it makes me happy... i have missed them.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

wondergirl is now part of my family

today i got a puppy... she is a mutt, but she is my mutt. she is only six weeks old and she weighs 15 pounds.. so she is going to be a big dog.

angie and i took forever to figure out a name for her. my little nephew jack thought about wilbur, but that is a boy's name. we thought of ethel, but that is an old woman's name. then it came to me... i am a comic book nerd... so i asked ang what she thought about wondergirl. she actually liked it. so now we have "dum dum dum dum!!!! WONDERGIRL!!! laugh. i know you want to.

Monday, April 09, 2007

anberlin is making me love them all over again

friday night i went out with a few of my friends (junior, angie, amanda, and tammy). ok.. so one of them is my wife, the other is my sister, but still friends none the less. while waiting for our movie to start (blades of glory. talk about that in a second). so we went out to eat and then like every red blooded bluegrass american, we went to wal-mart. while walking through the store trying to avoid making a fool of myself by laughing at the high school jokes jr and i were making i noticed anberlin's cities. i had forgotten about them having a new cd. not sure how that happened though. i mean.. they are on the front of relevant(you know the christian magazine that isn't really that christian) . i bought even though my wife rolled her eyes and said "i hope they don't scream." it was awesome. i only was able to listen to a few songs, but wow.. in my view... this is there best so far. even if he does move like a girl on stage. i love fin.
well, after wal-mart we headed to the movies. it was a nice little theater, but they were late showing the movie and all i could think about was having to work on saturday. yet when will showed his face on the screen.. i couldn't help but laugh. this may come as a shock to a lot of you, but i am not a huge fan of comedies. i find them boring. yet once you look beyond the gay undertone (nothing against the gay people, i just found it too over the top) will's normal humor.. it was a good story with a lot of heart. i did laugh out loud, but my wife did not. she was offended by the humor and the bare chested will...
yeah.. pretty boring blog i know. i am out of my meds. i found myself overly tired today. lastnight i could hardly keep my eyes open and i found a way to offend my best friend (still haven't figured that one out, but i feel bad. it was just one of those nights when no matter what i said to anyone they looked at me like was sticking a knife in there hand). today i was so out of it. i could not think fast enough, but thankfully i had to go somewhere and afterwards i headed home to sleep. i slept hard too.. i actually drooled. yeah.... i know.. sick. don't worry. if you stop by for a visit i would never let you use my pillow. it is soft, fluffy, and big. i will let you sleep with my Batman blanket. it is soft and warm.
i can't wait to get my meds. i feel like i am lost without a way home....nah.... i wanted to sound desperate for a second. promise not be so random next time or do i?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

understanding the day

after a long day of work i like to sit and think about what actually took place throughout the day. to focus on the moments i allowed myself to let someone in or shut someone out. to think about the times i asked God for help or cursed the man who asked for something that caused me to walk around the store and find it (to only tell me that is too much and then walk out of the store).
i wonder if God really watches the moments when i struggle to smile at the man who smells like he hasn't flossed his butt in weeks. i wrestle with the fact that He cares about the times i allow myself to let a curse word slip when i drop something on my toe. i know duke cares. he doesn't believe in idol words, but i didn't say buddha... i said s**t.
i look down at my feet and wonder if people laugh at my shoes. they look like oldman shoes. not really the cool kind that teens like to wear, but the kind my late papaw wore while shooting rats along the rock wall beside his house. i think Jesus would wear these shoes. ummm... i think. i guess my shoes are kind of cool. i think i will wear them to work again.
do i wish to be rich? somedays i do. i would like to buy a new car. the cd player is good, but i would like to have a huge truck. i work with a guy who drives a huge truck. when i ride with him i feel like a tough man. like i enjoy killing helpless animals and gutting them in the front yard for everyone to see my kill. yeah, a truck... that would be cool, but being rich would not help solve my problems. could it? nah... isn't God all i need?
the voice in my head says "ummm, your adderall has worn off. so ask me in the morning. of course you need to talk to your doc about a stronger dose."
my heart screams " yes you retard... He is all you need, but that truck is what you want.. so get it. angie won't care. so what if you will worry about your house payment.. God will always take care of you."
"is that really you?"
"then who is this?"
"dude, you just called me. what are you talking about?"
"oh yeah, sorry. i was talking to myself. i didn't realize you answered the phone"
awkward laugh...
it's hard understanding the day. yet, it is nice to think back and see that i won't have to relive it again. i hope.. that would suck. cause i don't want to have to smell that guy again.. that was just sick.