Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wondergirl and jealousy

the day we brought jasper home i walked up to wondergirl to introduce her to the new family member. she whined a little and laid down. as i got closer her tail began to move... she sat up and looked at him... she looked happy, but kept her distance.

this brought joy to my heart. my dog likes my son.

a few days later i took him outside again. she acted the same. she cried when he would make a noise. she would jump up and down when i would walk away from her.

i don't have to worry about her ever trying to eat my baby!

the picture perfect family (i can see the brady bunch dancing in my head..."you got to keep on keep on moving...gotta keep on keep on grooving").

all seemed well with the world.

each day i would greet my dog and she would say hi back (normally a nose to the crotch, but that is how dogs say hi).

but tonight i realized it was all on act on her part. not saying she doesn't love japser, but i think she misses all of the attention (does she not see me trying?
does she not remember all of the times i made her eggs and would take her for long walks?).

she was walking with me to take the trash down the hill. she was jumping and i was talking to her. she would run circles around me and then jump up in front of me.
this was her normal thing to do, but i noticed something in her eyes.

she looked evil.

she looked dangerous.

she looked like she wanted to make sure that there wasn't another bundle of joy to enter her world.

before i had a chance to put the trash can down she jumped. just like matrix style, i saw it all happen in slow motion...

her two front paws moving towards me.

that evil grin on her face.

her two front paws met my two front baby making bank.


the wind left my body. pain took over. the trash can fell. i believe i whispered a curse word or two (sorry mom, but it really hurt).

as i tried to keep my dinner in my stomach i met wondergirl's eyes. she just stood there smiling. she knows she has cut the family tree short. her true colors had shown through.

as i walked back up the hill i watched her out of the corner of my eye. she was acting sweet, but i knew what she was thinking...

"no more babies."

little does she know... i agree...

at least right now.

let me get a few more hours of sleep and we will talk about a second one.

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