Thursday, June 26, 2008

hmmmm... i didn't realize this was our mission

"The church has to be the one to be the voice of conscience to the world and can't be afraid to be that," he said. "It has to speak to politics and the policies and the politicians and to raise those questions, or we're not faithful to what our mission is. " Father Michael Pfleger

i really thought Jesus told us to love... not control everything... maybe i am wrong or i am reading the wrong Bible. it still doesn't sound or feel right.

i forgot to attach this picture from the other day

thanks for the picture tommy minton!

did you know ?

that 90% of all christians believe in nessy, but they don't believe in deviled eggs?

anti-christian christians who love to be different

i just thought it would be a catchy name for a blog. i really have nothing important to say, but who really does these days? well, i guess a few people do, but i am not around them.
i wish i had a really cool story to share, but i don't. i just have me.. little ole' me. i guess i am really not that little. i am kind of big. well, not fat... just a little over weight. i have a small gut. a lot smaller than it used to be, but nonetheless a gut. i have started to workout hard 3 days a week with josh. i am really starting to feel the pain and i am not a huge fan of pain.. never have been, but i guess it is a good thing.
on a really good note... i don't have court for a week! yay!!!! a whole week. of course the week we don't have court i am going to be at the lake of the ozarks and so hopefully i will be soaking up some sun and getting a better tan. i have the farmers tan going and it is pretty sad looking.
i believe that i am fully british (well, not my teeth they are straight and white)because i am so white. it sucks being this white. i get burned like a ginger and when the burn peels i am white underneath.
this really is a pointless blog. i should learn to focus on more spiritual things.
got nothing. maybe i can find a church billboard to make fun of on my way to richmond tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


josh and i get to eat lunch at the lee county prison today... not the jail, but the prison.
be jealous... be very jealous... while i am very nervous.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i have become a working fool

i am in court again today. it's kind of boring. it's taking them forever to get on with this trial. everyone likes to argue and make a big deal out of nothing.
i didn't get to work out last night. i am supposed to this evening, but i maybe here again for a long time... that sucks...
my dog returned by the time i made it home from court. that made me happy. that stupid neighbors do is driving me insane. he always gets her to run away.
well, i guess i should end this before i start rambling more and more about myself and how wonderful i am...

Monday, June 23, 2008

still waiting

i am still at work. it is 8:30 pm and the jury is still out.
someone pulled the fire alarm and all of the firefighters got excited, but were let down when it was a false alarm.
i gave away my last pudding pack to this weird person who works for the court system. i am still unsure how she ate it. she didn't have a spoon.
angie called to tell me wondergirl ran away with skippy again. this is the second time this has happened at the hand of angie. should i start to take the hint?
i didn't get to workout. now i have to make it up.
people mistake things said on the internet and i end up getting annoyed with the fact that i have a myspace that doesn't work properly.
i received a cool pic on my phone, but i am unable to upload it on the works pc. i want to share it. maybe when i get home i will be able to.
i just realized i need to mow my yard sometime this week before i leave for the lake. i want to curse, but i bite my tongue and think about the dinner i should be eating, but can't because of a jury who takes their time figuring out what to do.
i am not complaining. i promise. just killing time by writing a blog. it's much easier than actually doing some of my work sitting on my desk.

let's take a break

those are the words i long to hear when i sit in the courtroom.
1. i drink too much water.
2. i eat too many veggies and it gives me gas (heck, who am i kidding? i always have gas).
3. i have a hard time keeping a straight face when people give lame excuses to why they do the stupid things they do.
4. i can't remember if i locked my car.
5. i can't remember if i locked my keys in the car.
6. i shouldn't have eaten that candy bar (now i feel sick).
7. there is a person on the jury who freaks me out and i don't like them looking at me.
8. i still have to pee and it's getting to the point where if i cough, it's all over.. and i mean all over.
9. i would rather be at home or maybe sitting in the sun (really need to get that good tan before i spend a week on the water).

i wish i had a number 10, but i don't. i do know that i am supposed to workout tonight and i really like to get that over with so i can complain about the drill sergeant that yells at me (well, he really doesn't yell.. he just pushes me and i am a wimp and don't like to be pushed).

Friday, June 20, 2008

missing dog part 2

today as i was getting ready for court to start i received a phone call. it was my neighbor calling to tell me wondergirl was home! i was really excited, but i have not been able to get to her yet. i am sure she is really hungry and she wants her owner there with her.
so to the lady who said my dog was eaten by coyotes... YOU WERE WRONG! God bless!

now if i could just get out of court. it seems like it is taking forever, but it actually is going faster than i thought it would. i have a lot going on tonight... so please let me out of here. i am also getting sick of wearing a tie.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

missing dog

as many of you have already read, my dog is missing. she has been gone for over a week. it makes me really sad to not have her. she was the best dog ever and a good friend. she always had a way of making me smile. i am not sure if it was because she was always smiling or because she loved me more than anyone else.
monday i put an add in the paper (the paper comes out once a no one saw it until today)with her picture hoping and praying someone has seen her.
so as i sat on my chair just typing e-mails away, when i received a phone call. it was this woman whom i have never met, but she seemed to believe she had found my dog.
woman: hello? tommy hall?
me: yes, this is he (i actually said that. i am not sure why, but i did).
woman: are you the lawyer?
me: no. i just have the same name as the former commonwealth attorney (this has happened a lot. i live in a very small town and there are 3 tommy halls).
woman: oh, well i think your dog is here at may's subdivision.
me: really? (i found this odd since may's subdivision is kind of far away from me, but who knows how far a dog could walk within a week?)
woman: yep, is she a blonde retriever?
me: no, she is a gray and white husky mix aka mutt.
woman: ah, i was really hoping it was her, but to be honest, your dog was probably killed by coyotes. that happens a i am sure she is dead by now.
me: oh, i didn't think about that (what? why the heck call and tell me this? couldn't you tell from the flippin picture she was a gray and white dog and the last thing i wanted to hear was that she was torn to shreds by some wild dogs?).
woman: yeah. it is a sad thing. well, have a good day and God bless.
me: you too (God bless? who says this after telling them such bad news? like throwing God's blessing out there will take the fact away that you told me my dog is probably dead) and thanks for calling.
i still haven't give up hope. i like to imagine her finding a lonely kid and making their life so much better. like a kid who has no friends cause he moved here from a big city and everyone makes fun of him because he has bright red hair and some weird skin problem. she is loving him and helping him become a more out going person and that when school starts everyone will love him, all because wondergirl came to him and helped him become a better person.

Friday, June 13, 2008

now, the rest of the story

i am sorry it has taken me so long to tell the story that i hinted about. life has been a bit insane. work is overwhelming, my dog has been missing for 4 days and i am really sad about that, my friend tommy has been in town (really thankful to get to hang with him), i have a jewish/christian wedding, and on top of that i have a festival to work at this weekend... yet life is really good. trust me on that. well, don't trust me, but i shouldn't complain..
ok.. now the story.
while at pigeon forge i got a tattoo. not very big, but big enough to make me happy and angie uncomfortable.
after many hours of debating, i decided to go with my hebrew tattoo. i have a few favorite songs that talk about waiting for a rescue and needing to be rescued. so, i got rescue on my left wrist. i am going to try my hardest to set up the scene for you.

southern quick draw: what can i do for you?
me: i would like a tattoo.
sq: where?
me: my wrist.
sq: of what?
me: a hebrew word.
sq:have you been drinking?
me: no.
it takes a few minutes for us to get started and actually to find away to get a picture of my tattoo, but after 20 minutes we get it.
paul and chris are patiently waiting for me.
i walk up these stairs and see a woman getting elvis tattooed on her right breast bone. a cold shiver runs up my spin.
the artist looks at me and pats the seat. my mind flashes back to the first haircut. i was nervous, but ready to get rid of my blonde curls that made me look like a girl.
so i sit down and this tattooed covered man begins to shave my arm. he doesn't wet the razor, but he does put alcohol on after he shaves me. then he puts the design on my wrist and i start to get nervous.
i hear all of the voices from my friends who have tattoos.
"it hurts."
"it's annoying"
"i cried!"
"i wish i would have never got this."
i felt sweat run down my face. he turns on the tattoo gun and he sticks it in my flesh. it hurts a little, but not that bad. i actually watch him carving into my flesh. i begin to enjoy it. then he moves closer to get a better look. his left pec is resting in my hand. i try to ignore the fact that i am cupping him. then he moves to the middle of my wrist. he hits a nerve. my thumb starts twitching. i am rubbing his nipple. i can't stop. i look at him and tell him i am sorry. he doesn't care.
"it's all right."
an awkward moment, but it soon past. within 10 minutes he was finished. i had my first tattoo.
now i have to put lotion on it every 2 hours and wash it with hot water every 5 hours, but i have it. angie finally gave me what she promised 2 years ago.
time for me to head home and get ready for the wedding.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

got it!

it only took 10 minutes and it didn't hurt.
i will tell the story later, but it has an ipod, man boobs, and lotion in it..

Friday, June 06, 2008

i have a headache

that is what i said.. i have a headache...
what do you have?
the most pathetic thing i have ever done was to deny pawl a blanket.
well, i am not sure that is the most pathetic thing i have ever done, but it comes close. there was this one time i cut an old lady off in wal-mart to hurry up and get out of there, but i am pretty sure she was blind and had no clue.
i have also made fun of this man at family christian bookstore without him knowing. i should feel guilty, but i really don't. tell me to feel bad about what i did to those people, but don't say it too harsh. i don't want feel too bad about myself
now back to my little vacation. i am sure we will see a lot of old people when we go out into the city.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

saturday night fights

this weekend was kind of stressful for me. i am not sure why. it could have been the fact that i realized camp is getting ready to start and really miss working there sometimes. the whole atmosphere of camp is comforting.
it could have also been the fact that i cut a huge hunk out of my thumb (i am not going to go into that story. it's not a manly one).
the point being... i was in a bad mood.
later on that evening ang and i went to her parents house. we were all sitting around and her mom asked what we all wanted to do. i of course suggested ice cream (i love my ice cream). we drove forever trying to find a place to get good ice cream. we ended up going to DQ. don't get me wrong i love blizzards, but i was really wanting real ice cream. not that sick stuff that comes out of a bag.
on the way home my brother in-law paul started picking on angie. he was pointing out how she will never let me get a tattoo.
a little back story:
3 years ago tomorrow angie gave me money for a tattoo for an anniversary present. i was happy. i was finally going to mark my body for the dead. i mean.. i was going to get a tattoo. something simple. but before i was even able to put the money in my wallet she said "we do have some bills we need to pay."
that was the last time i had a chance to really get a tat.
now back to this past saturday:
paul kept pushing angie and she finally said "if he wants one, he can go get one."
i couldn't believe what i was hearing. could this be true?
within 15 minutes paul and i were on the road heading towards richmond.
i forgot to mention that my mother in-law told us to call before we left. she figured they may be closed.
i laughed and said that tattoo shops must stay open late. surely she had seen many television shows were people would get drunk and come back with a tattoo with the name spelled wrong or something stupid?!
on the drive there we talked about the different things that could go wrong. how i would end up getting the wrong tattoo or i would get ran over by a car right after i get it.. just funny stuff.
we arrive in richmond and the shops are closed. i couldn't believe it, but we decided to go on to lexington. there were a lot of shops there and they would be open. WRONG! i called every tattoo shop in the phone book. everyone was closed.
i couldn't believe it. angie finally caved in and i still wasn't able to get the ink in my flesh.
the television lied to me...
this blog is all over the place i admit. i may have forgotten to take my adderall or it could be because i received a phone call from my friend singing me a love song he wrote. or maybe it is because i have court again today and i don't feel prepared.
whatever the case. i am sorry for the jumble, but don't fear... next week you will see pictures of my tattoo on here.