Thursday, November 06, 2008

when will i grow up?

as a teenager i believed that i would be a mature adult by the time i reached 25. when i was 25 i assumed that i would act more like an adult when i turned 30.
now that i am 30, i am guessing that by the time i am 40 i will grow up.

the sad thing is that i was also told that once you become a parent you automatically become an adult (this may have been one of the reasons why i was so nervous about becoming a father). boy were they wrong.

i envisioned me getting up at 6 in the morning and making coffee and watching the morning news. i imagined that i would spend my evenings working in the basement on different projects. i was hoping that i would have learned how to work on a car and i would always know what that odd sound was coming from the engine.

it has yet to happen.

i still sleep in on my days off. on a work day i wake up at 7:15 and rush to work. in the evenings i play with jasper and watch cartoons until it is time for me to go to bed. i still spend 20 something (ang says i "waste") dollars on comics. i forget to change the oil in my car and i almost run out of gas at least once a week. i show up to work barely awake and i constantly forget to put things on the docket.

how can i force adulthood on myself? how can i become a more responsible adult.

do i give up comics, cartoons, kool-aid?

or should i just let nature take it's course? will it happen in time?

who knows and honestly... i don't think i care as much as i did when i first started this blog post.

i know one thing.... i have seen too many things in court that makes me thankful that i have this retarded mind.

some nights i come home and can easily push aside the horrible acts that have taken place in this small town.

so... i guess i will become an adult when i die... i just hope they don't find my bloated body with twinkies all around me and super friends blasting on the television.


priscilla said...

Did you ever think that you are an adult--just a different kind? Kurt and I have come to the conclusion that this is the way we are. We love cartoons, still want to play Mario Kart, and are being parents. I think it is a fine combination:) Hazel seems to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

The people who think they are adult aren't adults, they're just douchebags. So why do you even what to attain the title of adult ... are you just dying to be a douchebag?