Monday, March 31, 2008

my monday

i had a three foot long camera shoved up my butt (trust me it wasn't fun. well, atleast i don't think it was. i was asleep the whole time. my underwear was under my pillow too.).

Thursday, March 27, 2008

best moments

the other day someone asked me what my best and worst moments at southland Bible institute were. i had to stop and think. there were so many things i could say for the worst, but the best... i was stumped. i know there were some, but why can't i remember them? i believe it could be cause i have allowed myself to focus on the worst stuff. it's not hard to do. being a "liberal" (they view me like one, but trust me i am not) christian kind of puts a bulls eye on your chest.
so i thought i would write a list of my best moments.

1. rediscovered my love for Twinkies.
2. found new ways to twist scripture into getting my own way.
3. gained 50 pounds my first semester.
4. realized i was cool compared to my fellow students (which doesn't say much for
5. passed all of my classes
6. that i wasn't a baptist.
7. graduated even though my now father in-law said i would end up burning the place
8. got campused (see earlier blog)
9. met some cool people, but never talk to them anymore.
10.left there single.

Monday, March 17, 2008

i miss you

last night i laid in bed kind of sad. i was missing a friend that i will never get to see again or hear their strong words. i flipped through my phone and passed her number and wished so bad that i could hear her say "sup" and listen to me talk about the pointless problems i suffer as she offers her advice and laughter.
today is her birthday.
i miss you katie.
i will never understand why you had to be taken away. my life will never be the same without you and jasper will never have the chance to be held by you, but i know someday he will.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

i think i found a new calling!

i am going to start writing christian chain-letters...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

things you should never admit to

leaving the water hose on all night.
throwing your dog's poo in the neighbor's yard.
like some of george micheal's music.
nairing your back.
pee sitting down.
putting make-up on over a zit.
saying your favorite show is america's next top model.
wanting to be a new kid on the block.
you shaved your butt.

i am not saying i have ever done these things. i just know from experience they are not the smartest things to do.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

i just love this song by thrice

Lost Continent

Was there a time that we knew peace;
when all the children had a place to sleep;
when rhetoric was not enough?

Was there a time we weren't at war;
when we knew what our hearts and hands were for?
I don't believe there ever was.

It's always been a lie,
a soothing lullaby;
we'll soon be swallowed by the sea.

Was there a time we looked around,
and do we really even want to know what's going down?
Well I think no one really does.

We'd rather close our eyes;
sing soothing lullabies.

It's always been a lie,
a soothing lullaby;
we'll soon be swallowed by the sea.

The water's rising now;
and we will surely drown,
if we don't turn around.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

i am in love

i know it sounds horrible to come out of a married man's mouth, well unless i am talking about my wife when i say"i am in love", but i can't deny it. let me try to explain how my love could shift from such a wonderful wife to something else. so please do not judge me until you know the whole story of how one day my heart was changed.
it happened in january. i had returned from my wonderful trip to st.louis for Christmas and i was getting use to working again (it isn't hard for me to get out of the habit. i am lazy by nature). my mind was slowly growing use to not sleeping in and my body was getting used to the diet i had myself on. so needless to say, i was not myself and that is how i found myself easily swayed by another.
for lunch we were having a late Christmas party. the food was wonderful and there were gifts to be exchanged. it was like my vacation had never ended.. and that is when it happened. i opened that gift that sent my heart on a dangerous course.
the box was small but heavy. it looked so business like. i took the wrapping paper off quickly to expose 3 metal ink pens. each one so beautiful. like they came from the desk of someone important. i felt my heart beating quickly. a tear came to my eye. fireworks began to explode all around me. i was in love. they feel so smooth in my hand.
that night i showed them to angie and she was jealous. she has always had a love for ink pens, but these were mine. they belong to me. i would never leave home without them. i often find myself sitting at work and just writing my abc's because they write so well and feel so good in my hands. their cold metal slips between my fingers. the soft noise it makes as it glides across the paper. oh.. it is beautiful. it is special.. it is love.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


the sour belly is gone. it was touch and go there for awhile, but thankfully i pulled through. i discovered that lots of peppermint helps. it can actually help the smell not be as bad.
thank you for your prayers and kind notes.

things you should never say to your wife

wow, (insert friend's name here)looks really hot!
i doubt morning sickness is that bad.
is that really supposed to look like that on you?
did you do that smell?
can i borrow your nair?
you clean? when have you ever done that?
i hope our kid hates math.
your voice hurts my ears.
you must really like whining.
shut up.
the last one is the most dangerous one to say. i told her to shut up this past weekend and i thought she was going to pull my heart out with her bare hands.. and she hates to get her hands dirty.