Tuesday, October 28, 2008

begging for money

every where i turn it seems like someone is begging for money. i go to church, some kid asks me to buy a candle off of them. i go to the store and someone is wanting a few dollars to help out the shriners. i go to work and look up from my desk and there is a man wanting to know if i want to buy a homemade cake with a pumpkin drawn on it. 10 bucks for a white 10inch cake! not only is it a small cake... it is for the republican woman's club. what do they need the money for? are they going to send it to mccain? are they going to give it to the needy? i have no clue what they are planning on doing with the funds, but why? why ask a man if he wants a cake that he could make himself (i would like to point out that i do have the ability to cook)?

i know i seem hard hearted towards the needs of the girl scouts and the republican women, but it's not like i make a ton of money and that i enjoy giving it away to ever fundraiser around me. i just always feel guilty if i don't give.

kind of like when i am in church and i know i have already given my tithe, but every time the plate goes by i still put money in it. maybe i was born this way? who knows.

when i used to be with the mission i hated going to churches and asking for money. it just didn't seem right to me. i would talk about living by faith and yet i would ask them to provide for me. where was the faith in that?

please don't get me wrong. i don't think that missionaries don't walk out on faith. it just wasn't me. that maybe one of the big reasons why i don't belong with a mission.

it's always a tough subject to talk about in a church setting anyway. money... it is a bad word. i think i could say the f-word and receive a better reception.

so as i sit here and ramble i pray that i don't have to see another fundraiser today. i don't think my little heart can take it.

on a side note: i ate a sandwich made from white bread today. i haven't done that in a long time. it was a good sandwich, but the bread kept sticking to the roof of my mouth. why is that?

oh white bread. i used to love eating you. making a jelly sandwich and watching he-man. we had some good times, but you have been replaced by wheat bread. much darker. better for me. keeps the ole' colon clean too.

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SRoSeNcRaNs said...

mine and josh's drug of choice was peanut butter on a spoon while watching he-man and tila. throw in a little scooby-doo and we were set.
by the way, i've already been roped into 3 fundraising missions...boy scouts, girl scouts and somebody else that was selling some good looking cookies. what's wrong with us?