Thursday, October 16, 2008

apathetic today

it could be due to the lack of sleep (riley seems to enjoy waking up at 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.).

maybe the change in the weather? it is starting to get cooler outside and i would rather stay in bed than get up and go to work. something about looking at inmates all day and dealing with people who talk down to you just doesn't seem like that much fun or pleasure.

it could be due to the fact i have not been taking my adderall. i know, i know... what if i start to gain weight because i am off of it, but that is a risk i am willing to take to make some people happy in my life... of course if i get over 180 i am going to get on that magic med again. i think i can handle my random and off the wall thoughts, but becoming overweight... not sure i can stomach that... ha.. stomach.

as i sit here in court writing this, i realize i am apathetic in a lot of my life. i don't care about politics. i don't like either man who has signed up for the job.
i don't care about disco... it is just plan scary.
i don't care about global warming... i don't live close to an iceberg.
i don't care about the stock market... i am too poor to even know what is going on.


i really don't care about this post...

apathy... such a beautiful thing.

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SRoSeNcRaNs said...

i'm glad i have another apathetic soul in the world to relate to....i think it's the lack of sleep and the entry of a new life into ours that just makes a lot of things not matter. it's wonderful sometimes to just be oblivious.
i'm glad riley's sleeping as much as he is...drew had colic--BEWARE!