Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the good ole' days

as a kid i enjoyed watching re-runs of Batman (the campy live action show). they were fun and light hearted. i would laugh and wonder why Robin wore such short shorts.

that was my first connection to the characters.

they were bright and fun...

not until i grew older did i realize that this was not so in the comics.

Batman doesn't say "old chum". in fact he would rather throw a punch or a batarang.

he was dark and paranoid. he liked to put fear in people's hearts.

the Robin that was in the t.v. series had grown up and become Nightwing and the new Robin was annoying and soon to be dead.

as time passed, i couldn't stand watching the 60's Batman. it was not true to the comics.

wow, i now realize how big of a nerd i am .

why would i favor the darker over the lighter?

because i am a fallen man?

because i enjoy violence?

who knows.

what brought all of this on? while surfing the World Wide Web i found a book that talks about the influence Batman (60's show) had on a generation and on comics. it got me to thinking about sick days at home watching Batman and woody wood pecker. sigh... i hate getting older.

randomness seems to be flooding my mind today.

i can't connect my thoughts and i am just allowing them to spew onto the keyboard.

a dangerous thing this is (my inner Yoda is speaking). then i look down at my Chuck Taylor's and purple western shirt and wonder...when did i start dressing like a geek?

i think i am reaching that in between age. i am too old to wear the young men's t-shirts with skulls and i am too young to wear "members only" jackets with elastic waist jeans.

it's a bad place to be. it's kind of like middle school. you don't know where you fit.

i am afraid of becoming an adult who tries to act cool. what am i to do?


that is what i will do. i will have my second childhood through him. he better be ready to watch super friends and play with he-man action figures.

btw: while cleaning out my basement i found a bunch of my action figures. there was one i always enjoyed playing with. his name was fistor (really odd name). he had a huge silver hand. why would Mattel name one fistor? just sounds so... umm... wrong.

plus: why did they have nipples?

think about it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

way back when

i remember when this book was very popular. so popular that southland Bible insititue made a class around it...

i didn't need the class. i had already kissed dating goodbye... well, at least while i was there...

i remember promising my mom that i wouldn't date anybody while i was there and like a good boy.... i kept my promise...

you should read the book... it is really funny.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

satan's playground

i will not deny that i am a very intolerant person.

i don't like for people to ride my bumper. if you do i will slow down and when you are able to pass, i will speed up. it may seem rude, but i am sorry. i can't handle tail gators.

most of the time my intolerance is seen behind close doors. i will not allow others to know how close minded i can be or i guess i should say rude. it is easy for me to put a smile on in public and just think evil thoughts in my mind. what can i say? i am human.

but the behind closed doors way of life changed last night.

angie and i went to chick-fil-a for dinner . i enjoy their chicken salad sandwich and my gosh... those fries... my mouth is watering thinking of them.

it was the set up for a perfect quick dinner.

the only problem... that dang play land.

riley will not eat. he wants to play and ever seat in that building points to that area.

being the good husband that i am, i offered to watch riley while angie ate.

riley and i walked into the small room. there was about four 5-7 year old brats running around screaming. that shouldn't be a huge surprise. i should have known this would be taking place in this sound proof room. so i just smiled and let riley pick what he wanted to do first. what got me was the lack of parental supervision. i was the only adult in that room.

the screaming made riley a little worried, but he pushed through the fear of that little brat's battle cry. he climbed to the top of the slide and came laughing down.

i loved listening to him laugh and say "again". it was going to be the perfect father/son moment.

as he began to go down the slide again, this little girl started to climb up the slide... she sat there blocking riley's exit. i asked nicely if she would move. she just looked at me.

i took a deep breath...

"could you please let my son get by you?"


"please move!"

she finally let riley slide by, but she kept doing it.

she kept getting in his face and blocking his way.

the rest of the kids were just back ground noise until this fat little boy pushed riley out of the way.

riley just looked at him and kept going, but i was ready to fight this kid. how dare he push my son?

i could feel my face and neck getting red. i started to look out the glass windows to try and figure out who gave birth to these little demons.

i think angie has a way of sensing when i am about to get upset. she came in and told me to go eat.

i sat down and ate my wonderful food, but there was anger growing in my heart.
i looked around at all of the parents just sitting there ignoring their little brats in the play land.

i found myself wanting to just stand on the chair and scream profanity's at them.

letting them know that they are responsible for their children. that they need to be in there with them and that i was pretty sure one of them crapped on themselves.

before i was able to step onto my chair, angie came out and told me she was ready to leave.

the absent parents were spared... this time.

i hate play lands. if i have my way riley will never go to another play land... and if he does.. he is taking his brass knuckles and i will be wearing my butt kicking shoes.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

my home (you may hate it, but i like it)

i once heard "beattyville is not a destination"...
to many this maybe true.
to many this is just a small town with nothing to do.
a poor community that is riddled with drug abuse and poverty.
a redneck town that is not in touch with the world outside of the mountains that surround it.
i am not going to lie. most of these thoughts are true, but if you look closer you will see more.
you will see a town that still has life it in. sure it may be a life hooked to life support, but it is still breathing.
and i am thankful for that.
i actually love my little town.
i love being able to walk down the street and have people speak to me. to have a real conversation while waiting at the bank.
to have a community that will support the newest person to battle cancer.
the list could go on.
i could never find this in a large city. to find such a close community or another woolly worm festival (i actually think there is another town that has one, but it's not the same...or so i tell myself).
i would never be able to walk out on my porch and look at the stars and that odd planet that looks like it is moving in a figure 8 pattern (long story, but i swear it is moving).
i will not deny that some times i wish we had more to do in this town, but i think that is the charm of this place. it forces us to go for a walk in the woods or to just slow down and sit on the porch and watch the clouds race over the hillsides.
beattyville may not be a destination, but it is my home.
it is the town that i want to raise my son. where i know that people will be watching his every move and run to tell me when he is doing some thing that he shouldn't.
i want to die in this town.
some would look at me with pity...
"there is so much more out there."
"why would you want to stay in a place that is dying?"
and my answer to them... because i want to.
i have spent a lot of time away from beattyville. i enjoy city life, but only for a short time.
i guess i am more country than i want to admit some times.
so if you are ever traveling through kentucky... stop by beattyville... i promise to buy you an ale8 and take you for a nice slow walk through the mountains.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


robin and i agree on some thing...

using twitter did feel a "bit weird".

i will admit. i fell into the twitter trap, but once i started (tweeting) using it i found out that it was making me more self centered. i was always talking about what i was doing. even if i was doing nothing i tried to make it sound exciting. then i started following people. ugh... some of them i did like to hear what they were doing through the day, but most were more self absorbed than me.

so i gave up twitter.

i have a blog and facebook to talk about myself... why add to the list?