Thursday, November 26, 2009

derek webb.... oh how you have changed.

i know that a lot of people have already posted this... i like this song, but he has changed a lot.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

oh Christmas tree

to avoid making my wife mad, i am going to suggest everyone who has a problem with happy holidays please read the article at this will make some of you shut up the next time you complain about holiday trees...

Thursday, November 19, 2009


my frist confession by paint brush.

Friday, November 13, 2009

new list of the not so popular cartoons i watched as a kid.

shirt tales
woody woodpecker
dino riders

there is a whole lot more. i wonder if i should be ashamed of how many cartoons i watched growing up? nah... it has made me the man i am today.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


i was never a fan of hotwheels or tonka trucks, but throw in a superhero team with cars that transform into other things.... i am hooked...
i had a lot of mask toys. i remembered i always wanted the kid that had the robot that turned into a scooter... i just never found him... ah... to be a kid again.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

one of the coolest toys ever

i remember the day i got castle grayskull... it was one of the best days of my life.
i still have it in my basement. i am hoping someday riley will also want to play with the coolest toy ever.

Monday, November 09, 2009

the coolest game ever!

most of my friends loved street fighter and the sports games... not me... i loved mario bros type games. heck, i still do. so i was excited when paul told me about the remake of boy and his blob...loved this video game... now i just need to buy a wii.

the comic that changed my life

i was a freshman in high school when i picked up batman 489. my life was forever changed. robin had always been my hero, but when i discovered he was no longer wearing underwear as a costume... i was really happy to start reading comics again. i just thought i would post the comic that changed my life forever... sad isn't it?

Thursday, November 05, 2009

dell is the devil and the devil is bad

i started having computer problems monday night. i was unable to look at my facebook page nor was i able to respond to e-mails. it would always cause me to log back in. with each new log in screen, my temper started to show.
the next day i thought i would let tyler (star wars nerd, computer geek, good friend, and co-worker) look at my dell pc.
for some reason the problem would not show it's self at work on the court's network.
tyler informs me that it is not a virus, but something else... something wrong with the software.
stressed and missing the freedom of sitting on my chair watching cartoons while surfing the net pushed me to call dell (dum, dum, dum).
i call.
i get several voice automated messages.
i listen to an annoying recording of a woman telling me i could get the answers online (i really hate that message. if my internet worked do you think i would call this freaking number?).
finally a man picks up. he is from india. i can barely understand him and due to my country accent, he can barely understand me.
i try to explain to him what is happening, but he will not listen. he then proceeds to push me off on the next guy.
i am on hold.
i feel the need to pee.
i go pee.
in midstream he answers.
"what is your service tag number?"
trying to finish ( side rhyme: no matter how much you jump shake or dance, the last two drops always get in your pants).
i tell him the number and try to explain what is going on.
this is when the devil shows his ugly head...
"sir, for us to help you fix this problem you must pay 120 for a one time fix or 200 for a year's help."
"what? i have a warranty."
"sir, that warranty does not cover your software. only the shell."
"what? that is it?"
"yes sir."
"but it is your software that caused me the problem. i bought the problem from you."
"sir, how is it dell's fault? you have been the one using it."
i hang up.
i send a few nasty e-mails.
i get an automatic reply.
the next day i decide to just delete everything and start fresh.
i am unable to install everything properly.
i call dell again after sitting in silence wondering if it is worth it.
"please enter your service tag number."
i enter the number.
"thank you."
they hung up on me.
i try this two more times.
each time ends with a click.
i have pissed dell off.
part of me smiles out of pleasure.
the other part curses because my computer still does not work.

now i know why you guys have the lollipop song in your commercial... you suck!