Wednesday, August 31, 2011

growing older, the new 52, and ramblings

I admit, it has been way too long since I have posted on my blog, but come on... I have a 2-year old (who will be 3 soon), a 3 month old, and I am far to lazy to put effort in to anything else.
BUT..... since Facebook has been blocked and I have caught up on all my work, I figured I would write a blog...
Recently I turned 33. My first thought... Jesus was 33 when He started His ministry... Was He 33 when they killed Him?
Other than that nothing really changed. I am still the same person I was back in 8th grade (though I can grow a mean beard).
NEW 52
DC Comics has changed all of their heroes. That took place today. sigh... It really makes me sad. I grew up Robin/Red Robin/Tim Drake... His story has been changed. Heroes are darker. Past stories no longer seem to matter. Wonder Woman wears pants and then she doesn't. Just seems to odd and to be honest, I think I have finally given up comics.
I know that sounds stupid. To be upset over something like that, but I am a comic book nerd.
I have also struggled with the importance (or the lack thereof) of using the King James Version of the Bible. It is an outdated belief that God came down for the second time and breathed that Bible in to "being", but I am pretty sure if that was the case, then He is still doing it today. So why not use an updated translation? We have people who never went to church showing up and they seem confused by the weird language that is spoken only on Sunday. To be honest, I am confused as well.
I know most will think this is disrespectful to those who like the KJV, but it is not meant to be. Sure it maybe your preference, but how does it help someone who has never grown up in church?
When it comes to my thoughts on church, I kind of weird people out. I wish we could go back to the time when we just met at people's homes. That we didn't have to have a meeting to discuss everything. That we could sing whatever song we wanted and disagree with people and still be friends afterwards.
I think we complicate things too much. Maybe I do?
One thing stays the same... In all of the changes of age, comics, and church... I still feel there is and will always be an importance to love people more than I love my own theology...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


you just got to love people in Nashville...

Pastor Joe Nelms: "Heavenly father, we thank you tonight for all your blessings you sent and all things give thanks. So we want to thank you tonight for these mighty machines that you brought before us. Thank you for the Dodges and the Toyotas. Thank you for the Fords. And most of all we thank you for Roush and Yates partnering to give us the power that we see before us tonight. Thank you for GM performance technology and RO7 engines. Thank you for Sunoco racing fuel and Goodyear tires that bring performance and power to the track. Lord, I want to thank you for my smoking' hot wife tonight, Lisa. And my two children, Eli and Emma or as we like to call 'em, the little Es. Lord, I pray you bless the drivers and use them tonight. May they put on a performance worthy of this great track. In Jesus name, boogity boogity boogity, Amen."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

end of an era

i believe i am giving up comics. it's not because i have matured and no, my wife isn't making me give it up. Jim the destroyer Lee is (seems like he would remember how bad his own comics failed).

re-writing history to make sales. changing DC Comics to look more like Marvel Comics.

i know it shouldn't bother me, but it does. i don't like to see the heroes of my childhood changed to be more darker and less about helping people.

(i found this picture last night when i was reading an old comic... i think this was prophecy.)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bruce Wayne for President

i hardly ever watch the news, but i know there have already been people throwing out their opinion who they think the next president should be... so i figure i would throw out my opinion. i know it won't count... kind of like my vote.

NO!!! why do they do this to me?

Flashpoint is changing everything... it feels like May 21st all over again... DC is changing all of my comics...

why oh why?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

welcome to our world

Grant Steven Hall...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

getting ready for grant

got the paintings for grant's room finished!!!

now if grant would just get here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

loving the elephant in the room

3 times i have tried to write a blog about injustice, my anger, and the need to learn to love those i really wish were not part of my life...
during the many attempts to write my thoughts and feelings i discovered that my anger showed through too much.
that i have allowed people's actions control my life.
i know i need to forgive.
i know i need to love.
but it is never that easy.
i would like to say that after the 70th time i prayed that God took this feeling away, but He has not. i realize now i have to put more effort into it.
but i still have this nagging voice inside my head.
"is it right to just ignore the injustice that is still taking place?"
i don't think so, but until i learn to control the anger inside me... i don't think it would be right for me to confront the issue.
learning to love is a hard process. it's even harder when it is people you really want to hate.
and honestly... deep down i just wish i could tell a few people off.

how do you deal with injustice? turn a blind eye? do you say "it's not my place"?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DC comics easter basket

i know easter has nothing to do with a basket or a bunny.

it has nothing to do with candy, toys, and easter egg hunts...

trust me, i really do know this, but on easter day you may wonder....

but.....i honestly look forward to having an excuse to buy riley some super hero stuff. ang is really good with watching our money flow and i am really good at making sure it is flowing out of my wallet ( we make a great team)... i still think easter is a valid excuse to buy some toys for my boy.

so i have been working on an easter basket of DC comics super hero toys and movies. nothing expensive, but fun and exciting.

the only problem is most super hero toys are expensive. it seems that everything is considered a collectible. therefore the price is way up.... so what is a geek dad to do?

got any ideas? yeah, me either... so i am going to venture out one day this week and just hunt for a few items and small things to fill the easter eggs.

it's his last easter as an only child... i feel like that is also a good excuse to go a little over board.

besides, i need a few super heroes to act out the "battle for metropolis" infinite crisis in the easter basket.

Friday, March 25, 2011

monthly advice

i realized that i am full of useful information.. so once a month i am going to give my advice.

never work for a board...
1. they are out of touch with the job you are performing.
2. they will have new ways to do things, but little knowledge of how to do it.
3. they have never been in your situation.
4. will never take blame when their ideas fail. it's because you didn't do it properly.

i give this advice because a friend of mine came to me talking about their problems at work. i used to work under a board and i also serve on a board... so i know it's never as it seems.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

aquaman is actually kind of cool

aquaman is not as lame as you may think...
but i may be.

i have been slow with blogging the past couple of months and i really have nothing exciting to write about. since i have become a father i live a fairly normal life. routine days i crave. throw anything out of the ordinary at me and i may get a little overwhelmed... or just a little whelmed (robin from young justice).

but that does not mean my thoughts are routine. i find myself thinking about the most random things.

as i sit here and write this i am thinking about my Bible college days. like the time i urinated in a guys tackle box because he set off a stink bomb in my closet. how some of us would "sneak" and watch buffy the vampire slayer after Bible study or the times i would sit on top of this hill and pray for understanding. it always bothered me that i never felt like i fit in with the rest of the students.

insecurity is a large part of my thought process.

i am insecure about a lot of things, but i know i am secure in my comic book knowledge. which i should be ashamed of. how many grown men in their 30's look forward to cartoons on friday night? wait- let me rephrase that. how many married men that don't live in their parents basement look forward to cartoons on friday?

i am behind on my chuck and fringe, but i never miss an episode of young justice, batman: the brave and the bold, and star wars the clone wars.

i am pretty sure my parents thought i would grow out of this, but now that i have a son and another on the way, i don't believe i will. i have been damned to a life of nerdy comic book ways... and honestly i think i am okay with it.

sure, it makes me have hardly anything in common with anyone else around me.

there was a time that i wished i was like everyone around me. to be a hunter and a nascar fan... middle school would have been a lot easier on me, but i don't think a gun rack would look good in my focus, but i did have a mullet.

i also thought by the time i reached 25 i would have being a Christian down pat. i would have learned to love people and forgive the people who have wronged me in the past. Wrong... if anything i have learned to hold on to my anger towards certain ones.

a few weekends ago i saw a person that had really made life difficult for me when i worked with a mission. he smiled and spoke to me. i just smiled and kept walking. i could barely force myself to look in his direction. then i go to youth group and talk to them about loving the unlovable... wow... have i really turned into one of those... do as i say, not as i do type of person?

yes sir, i have.

what am i doing to change it... hmmm... i guess i should pray about that.

i am also battling the desire to order more toys for riley.

one day i will complain about all of the toys in our house and the next i will go out and get him more. i am training my child to be a brat i think. ugh... i may not give him mountain dew in his toddler cup, but i am sure teaching him that he can get what ever he wants... forget the needs...

i feel like i just poured my heart out into my diary... now i feel less of a man...

okay, i just killed an ant... now i am a man.
aquaman is actually a cool character... don't judge him because he talks to fish... he is also super strong and can use his telepathy powers to make you have a heart attack.

i need to hurry up and plant my bamboo...

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

how bout a dream

he gives me a reason to smile everyday.