Monday, September 15, 2008


it seems like i am always waiting on something.
today i am sitting in the courtroom waiting for this trial to start. i have set here in silence for the past 30 minutes waiting for the judge to step out of his chambers and tell us that the parties have come to an agreement. then i will return to my desk downstairs and start preparing for tomorrow's court.
that is normally how it goes, but i am sure i will be proven wrong today.
not much else has really been going on. we are getting ready for the birth of jasper. i must admit i am nervous and somewhat hoping he holds on and she has to be induced. that way there will be no surprises.
i like things to go my way.
yesterday my father-in-law spoke on prayer in church. as much as i hate to admit this, i really enjoy hearing him speak. it was a good message. not too fundie and just enough to make me think about it for a day and maybe more.
prayer is an odd thing. a lot of times we think that if we pray we can change God's mind, but it is actually to change ours. so we can be prepared for the outcome.
i know in my life i have prayed for a lot of things i didn't get... which now i see is a good thing.
i am still holding out for that thick hair though. it would be nice to actually use the shampoo i have.

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DeeJay said...

Hey's DeeJay...I can't believe you are going to be a father...great to hear! I'm really happy for you.