Thursday, September 25, 2008

the end is near

with little rain and cooler weather comes the end of the mowing season! yay!!!
i was getting so sick of mowing my yard. granted i do get to think a lot and daydream the whole time, but com eon! who wants to walk up and down a hill for 3 hours? not this fat boy. no more avoiding dog turds. no more running over frogs (i really felt bad about killing them... i promise toadie. i didn't see you there. then i saw you all over my leg and porch. you were gross. i wanted to vomit. then cry). no more blowing grass out my nose.
also comes the my great love of opening the windows to let the cool air in. i just wish i had days off to lay in my bed and feel the breeze. i guess i could skip church and do that, but that would cause more problems. who would draw on the bulletins?
well, i am boring myself. i have nothing really fun to talk about. ang hasn't popped jasper out. my food hasn't caused me to run to the bathroom. my hair still hasn't stopped falling out. i haven't finished my book that i have been writing for jasper (leave me on the front porch).
so i guess i should get to bed. make room for the pillows...

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