Wednesday, September 24, 2008

drop dead sexy husband hurts pillow

my poor pregnant wife has to put up with a lot.
she has to deal with evil students all day.
then go to volleyball practice and put up with an annoying asst. coach.
the last thing she needs is stress at home.
so me, being the good, wonderful, drop dead sexy husband that i am, tried to make her evening even better.
i cleaned the house (yes i cleaned and i am still a man).
i made hamburgers and fries for my lovely wife.
i did some laundry.
for some reason all of that faded away while laying in bed last night.
i had a really bad headache and i just wanted to sleep.
angie likes to talk while laying in bed.
so we talked.
i noticed something was on my shoulder and it wouldn't move. i knew it wasn't angie's arm... so i looked.. it was one of her many pillows that takes up the bed.
i moved quickly away from it... that was not wise. she took that somewhat personal. she ended up scooting far away from me. we kept talking and i thought she was joking when she moved far away.
we prayed and i rolled over to go to sleep.
"are you crying?"
"noooo." *sniff*
"what's wrong?"
*sniff, sniff* "just overwhelmed."
"over school and stuff?"
"yes." *SNIFF* (that was a lot of snot)
i hugged her and told it will be ok... and went to sleep.
after a few minutes of sleep i felt her get up.
"where are you going?"
"i can't sleep. i am going to go read."
"are you mad over the pillows?"
"no." she says laughing which causes me to feel like a retard.

this morning she still seemed overwhelmed. so i asked her again.
"is it because i moved away from your pillow?"

she went to work and so did i.
i got to wondering about her and i e-mailed to ask if she was doing any better and to tell her i was sorry that she was overwhelmed...
her response was---
"It's okay - the pillow was just the last straw:)"

what?! so i e-mailed her back (as a man you must always point out when you are right).
"i knew it was the pillows!!!"

so tonight i am going to make room for 40 pillows (she claims she is uncomfortable, but i don't need all of those pillows for my fat gut.. not saying she has a fat gut, but...never mind).


SRoSeNcRaNs said...

it's getting to the point where you better be verrryyyy careful what you say, mr. hall. she does need those pillows and she will not be sleeping for the next few months. for that matter, neither will you so you better enjoy it while you can!
p.s.- good job with the laundry and supper. husband + chores = happy wife.

Anonymous said...

have i told you that i love you?!

Anonymous said...

hmm, i didn't realize i was so annoying.

Tommy said...

if this is angie... you are not annoying...
if this is her pillow.... i hate you!

Tommy said...

ok... so the anonymous was not angie....
who are you and what makes you think that you annoy me so?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, maybe the fact that your blog SAID i was annoying.