Thursday, September 25, 2008

sneaky wombat

last night i recieved an e-mail from a friend calling me a sneaky wombat with a picture of this wombat attached. it's face was so ugly, but funny. i nearly peed my pants laughing at it. it was a shock to my system. i was used to his odd e-mails and really random pictures of himself, but this was not what i was expecting.
later on that night he called and we talked for awhile. during the conversation he read me something that is working on. the passion and the pain that poured out of his mouth was moving.
never have i known someone to be so honest and open in their writings. it was refreshing, but also unsettling.
too many times as christians we work so hard to keep that good holy front up. we point out other's faults but rarely look at our own. yet as i listened to him i realized that God uses the broken, sinful, selfish, retarded, and cursed.
i wanted to post a little bit of what he had written, but i feel it would be more powerful for you to read the whole thing. so you have to wait for his book to come out.

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