Sunday, September 21, 2008

poleyester and cotton= sin

i have had a tattoo for awhile now and i am no longer concerned with people knowing (at first i was. i go to a small country church and a lot of them don't believe christians should have such things). so i was shocked this morning when a woman from my church asked me when i got it.
"you know the Bible says not to mark our bodies." she said politely, but trying to prove a point.
"yeah, and right after that it says not to wear clothing made from two different types of material. is that a polyester and cotton blend you are wear?" pointing to her lime green jacket.
she smiled and walked away...
score one for the pagan!
actually i am not a pagan. i have never been a fan of slaughtering animals to nature gods and dancing around nude... blood is just gross and the smell of dead animals makes me really sick.


SRoSeNcRaNs said...

that reminds me of a conversation i once had with one of josh's old girlfriends. it went something like this:
her: i don't think you should eat meat. why would you want to kill all those animals?
me: that would be fine and dandy for you to say but how do you think you got that rabbit fur shirt you're wearing? did the rabbit politely take its fur off, just for you?
ha! you probably know who i'm talking about....i know josh will.
thank goodness for rue!

Matthew Paul Turner said...
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Tommy said...

i never thought i would find myself saying thank goodness for rue.... it just seems so apocalyptic.