Friday, September 12, 2008

order in the court

since july i have had the honor of being a part of every court case and day that comes through lee county. i get to hear a lot of insane and amusing things.
some things make me sad though. i have discovered that my heart is too soft for this job some days. i see a child take the witness stand and it causes me to almost cry. i hear a woman talk about her husband beating her and i want to see him pay for what he has done, but that rarely happens.
it isn't the judge's fault. it is the way the system is set up. the law is an odd thing. it doesn't work as clear as it may seem. a lot of gray.
as i sit and write this pointless blog, i am listening to a couple argue over 4-wheelers and a washer and dryer. what causes people to become so distant? lack of love? lack of trust?
i am not sure. i just wonder how long it is going to take for this to affect me more. will i become cold to people's pains or will i just become so consumed by the gray in this life that i will just become gray myself?

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