Thursday, September 18, 2008

counting down

less than 3 weeks to go until jasper is here.
angie still hasn't packed her bag for the trip to the hospital.
i still haven't hung the pictures in his room.
i still haven't figured out how to use the fancy car seat that the youth group got us.
i am still not a fan of the snot sucker.
even though i enjoy talking about poop i don't enjoy cleaning it up.

i still don't feel prepared to be a father. there are a lot of things i don't understand or even know how to do. i still haven't learned how to throw a football well. what do i do if he won't stop crying? my idea of giving him a small piece of a sleeping pill isn't i good idea...or so i was told.

angie seems to be slowly getting nervous about his birth(i must say she does look mighty fine carrying that boy). each night she talks about how she can feel him moving more and more. this morning i saw him kicking through her shirt. most father's would have loved that sight... i honestly was freaked out by it. it makes me think of that movie aliens... just waiting for him to pop out of her stomach and run away to the huge queen alien.

i also haven't decided if i am going to watch him being born. i am going to be in the room, but do i really want to see all of that. blood, fetal sacks, blood.... i am sure i will faint if i do witness that.

i am also trying to explain to angie that child birth isn't as bad as everyone makes it sound. women just like the attention.
"oh, it hurt sooo bad.... i felt like i was pushing out a mini cooper."
"come on lady! i have had a tear in my butt hole for almost a year... you don't seem me complaining!"
"it's the world's worst pain, but i would do it all over again."
"what? have you ever been stung by a wasp (or wasper)? that hurts like a beast! you don't see me wanting to go through that again."

so, i guess i say all of that to say... i am not ready for the change in life just yet, but i think i have no choice but to get ready or at least fake it. i am sure i can handle that.
i just can't wait to see him so i can learn to love him.

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SRoSeNcRaNs said...

you won't have to learn to love him, it just happens. and tell angie it's not that bad, it's what you make of it....really, it wasn't that bad. i recommend the epidural. i thought i would be tough and do it without, it's much more enjoyable with. :)
poopy diapers aren't a problem, the don't stink if you breastfeed and dangit, breastfeeding is painful the first few weeks.
you're gonna be a great daddy. :)