Friday, September 19, 2008

my friday

i woke up a little late this morning.
all night long i had freaky dreams.
once i woke up singing. not ever sure what song i was singing, but i did wake up while in the middle of this song.
angie snored loudly all night. i am sure it is because she has a baby pushing on her insides, but dang.... she can snore.

i finally arrive at work and i realize that i am hungry and i don't want to sit in court all day. yet i cannot change that. it is my job.
so now i sit in the courtroom listening to lawyers and criminals talking and wanting their way.

what is this? a phone call while i am in court? who could it be?
it is my doomsayer friend (not really. our last conversation was about the stock market. i am used to him making me laugh, but this time he just talked like an adult) calling to answer a few of my questions. why he called during court? i do not know.

the case that started at 9:30 has being going for over an hour.
my mind is wondering around too much.
i am unable to focus.
oh gosh, i think i am really sleepy.
i have to stay awake.
i can do it.
what is this? a text? from whom?
i chuckle out loud in court.
james find odd ways to make me laugh and one way is him saying

"when i am in a hurry or feeling devil may care reckless i call blueberries 'BLOOBS'."

mind you this is just him being really funny and if you were to hear him you would laugh like a retard too... unless you are a retard and that isn't funny.

i go to lunch with josh.
i eat a sub like a good fat boy.
now i am back in court.
i really hope this goes fast.

i have been thinking a lot about popples.
you don't remember the popples?
i had a lot of them.
i was a cool kid.
a little girly.
but trust me... i was cool.


SRoSeNcRaNs said...

oh my lord, you are cracking me up. i never knew you had a blog until i saw it on we can share--you show me yours, i'll show you mine. haha

Tommy said...

your's is bigger!
also... ignore the way i make fun of angie and child birth!

skitkat19 said...

POPPLES!!! i had a popple! it was purple. and awesome. and now i feel old. thanks. :}