Monday, September 22, 2008

monday funday

this morning started out a little rough... well, once i got to work.
we are having a jury trial and that always takes up my whole day and night.
i had to cancel a very important doctor's appointment.
i hadn't had a chance to get breakfast and i only had enough change to get a water and i hate drinking water.. it is so tasteless...

then i sat in the courtroom listening to reasons why some people were unable to sit on the jury.
i always get annoyed during this part in a trial. maybe i am very intolerant. who knows. i just hate it.

thankfully we took a lunch break and i was able to just go for a drive and relax a little. i always enjoy a good drive. it is even better when i can have the windows down. i love fall and the way things begin to die. it sounds odd, but it is true.
there is a beauty in death that a lot of times we over look. we just think about how much we are going to miss something, but we forget the beauty of it's life.

here soon i will take a hike to the "point" to look at the trees and take in the awesome view of the mountains.

but i had to return to court and so i sit once again in the courtroom. it isn't that bad now. once i got out of work for the short hour i felt better. i wasn't concerned with my missed appointment or the fact i may end up spending my evening in the courtroom...

oh wait... i just realized that jasper could come at any minute. i am happy about that, but nervous. what if i am in court? what will i do? i know the court can go on without me, but i like to think of myself as the glue that holds the commonwealth together.... HA!

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