Thursday, May 01, 2008

i can't believe i am saying this

we all know that i am not a huge fan of southland Bible institute. it has been a source of bitterness for many years and as i have tried to move beyond the teachings they forced upon me, i can never seem to shake their words.
i fear this is a sign of me growing up or getting soft, but i am bothered by the way the school is treating some of the workers. without going into too much detail, cause i only know what i have been told and received in the mail, they are letting go of a few of their workers.
one worker has been there 30 years and even though i rarely saw eye to eye with this teacher, he was still a very good teacher and actually cared for the students. to just let him go would be a huge error on their part. it will really hurt the school.
part of me wants to say that he is going to be more thankful to get away from that place, but he doesn't think like i do. that is a good thing i am sure. if he did think like me i am sure there would be a huge flame in the middle of ashland ky or at least a lot of yelling and stuff.
eh.. what is a person to do. i am not really worried about the school as much as the people that are going to be hurt by this retarded behavior... but what do you expect when you have a bunch of preachers on a board who are stuck reading an outdated language?!

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