Tuesday, April 29, 2008

dangers of free thinking friends

this was a picture rufus sent to me. the following is our conversation over e-mail. pray for the poor boy's soul.

tommy: this is evil. you need real help. i am going to put you on the prayer list.

rufus:Prayer List

Please pray for sister Sally (broken hip)

Brother Rico (lisp)

Brother Festus (cleft palate)

Sister Ida (psychosis)

Brother Tyrell (halitosis)

Brother Tommy (distribution of images depicting human-like hunting traits of hairy, orange primates specifically not mentioned in Genesis)

And Brother Rufus (evolutionary biology; poor taste in cartoons; overall apostasy)

how do you deal with such a free thinker?


Anonymous said...

you never put my "free thinking"
e-mail conversations up! that hurts mr.hall.
rufus, your prayer list funny. you should have never let tommy post it and be looked at as the funny one.
cause we all know he isn't... poop talk..
that is all you have mr.hall. well, you also have that way of making me laugh at other people who have no clue you are making fun of them. like that one guy that we both know that thinks he is cool, but doesn't realize he is like a homeschooled retard.
sgt.salt, i am staying anonymous for the sake of my church. i would hate for them to know i enjoy this trash.

Anonymous said...

Considering the number of grammatical errors in your post, I don't think you have any business calling somebody else a "homeschooled retard."

Anonymous said...

I believe that he wasn't talking about "grammatical errors" with the homeschooled remark. I believe he was talking about social skills. Which I doubt he feels that way about all homeschooling.
I am sure Tommy is loving the fact that someone has been insulted by his post. The next post will be an apology I am sure.
I am just glad it isn't some creation nut demanding some vengance.

Sgt. Salt said...

how did i get involved in this one?

Tommy said...

i am not sure. just be thankful they aren't mad at you.