Tuesday, May 13, 2008

dangers of growing older

for the past couple of days i have started to realize how much i am growing up. i no longer find as much pleasure from watching cartoons as i used to. i am not talking about farting as much as i did before. i have lost time to day dream. work is getting harder and i am taking on more now too.. i don't laugh at people getting hurt as much either!! i know.. it freaks me out too.
i have started to really look into my faith as well. all of my life i have been surrounded by the safety net of the church, but here lately i have started to question a lot of my childhood teachings. some think that it is dangerous, but how am i supposed to make my faith my own if i don't question?
it is really sad. i have always fought getting older. i wanted to stay 25, but walking in reverse didn't keep me from aging. just made my legs stronger.
it could be worse. i could be getting shorter. that would suck.

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