Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the art of being an idiot

there are many things we call art.
playing an instrument
writing poems
to name a few, but many don't realize that being an idiot is an art. it is an art that i have mastered. not many people can get out of a tough spot by just giving a blank stare like i can or throw a bunch of words together to lead someone to believe you actually care about their life. i do often and i do it darn well.
i guess i shouldn't be so proud of this art. it is not one that most people flaunt and honestly i am not really flaunting it. i am an idiot remember. so therefore i am just sharing what i do well. and that is being myself. so maybe it is more a way of life than an art. hmmm.. i may have to dwell more on this as i sit in court and stare into the computer screen. sounds like a plan.


Anonymous said...

you're too hard on yourself, mr. tommy! Or maybe i'm just taking your post too seriously. you did get one thing right; you are a work of art! :P enjoy your blog!

Rog said...

I too have been an artistic idiot, but hey at least we've got company! hang in there bro...

Rog in Houston