Monday, May 05, 2008

weekend lessons learned

carrying hot pink torches can make people look differently at you.
80 fl ounces of vitamin water is not smart when driving long distances.
giving adderall to a friend who is stressed is never wise (poor little geek squad guy will regret the day he called me out of line).
taking your contacts out while on the interstate isn't the safest thing.
not pooing all weekend is bad for the bowels.
having your face by the exhaust of a pressure washer can hurt your eyes and lungs.
having an older black woman love on as she praises Jesus' name and a budweiser in hand, AWESOME (yet very odd)!


Sgt. Salt said...

speaking of adderall, it's also probably not a good idea to give it to a friend to "relieve stress" when the friend actually has a rare genetic heart condition and probably shouldn't have been driving in the first place. not that any of this happened, i'm just saying it's also probably not a good idea. but seriously, tom, thanks for taking the wheel. i owe you one.

Tommy said...

even if this may not have happened, i believe my memory serves me right in thinking that the friend asked for the adderall after i took the wheel and saved us from an exploding death.

DogDoggit said...

seems like someone tried to stop the handing out of adderall long before this day.

Tommy said...

yes you are correct dogdoggit. you did try to stop me. i wish i would have listened.
i will give you my grocery list on thursday.