Monday, May 19, 2008

trials and a trial

looks like i am going to be spending my week in the courtroom. don't get me wrong. i love sitting and listening to people try to get out of the crimes they have committed, but i just get bored with the doodles i do. i need to learn new ways to draw. i normally do the side profile thing and give them the pooch lip... a lot of people think they look cool until they realize that is all i draw when i doodle.
maybe i should start working on skull tattoos and rebel flags (kidding). then i would really fit in with the crowd i am hanging out with in court.
i think one good thing that is coming from me being in court is that i don't have to deal with my full inbox. it is the best excuse for not returning e-mails. of course i don't do that to any of you. i always write you back when i have a chance. honestly. i was busy in court and when i was at home i was busy cleaning my office. i will return your e-mail when i get a free moment. promise!


Anonymous said...

hope you have a good week. cheers.

Anonymous said...

i hope you don't have a good week.. it can't be good cause you aren't hanging with me.

Zach! said...

You do realize that Matt Groening only ever draws people the same way, right? So, I mean, if you just own it, it'll become "your style."