Thursday, May 22, 2008

dodging butterflies

many of you know i have a twin sister. she is a lot different than i am. for one, she is a girl (no smart remarks or middle school comebacks please). second, her personality is a lot different from mine. where i am more out spoken and rarely find a way to keep my thoughts to myself; she is quiet and shy. she is soft spoken (unless you piss her off) and she keeps her thoughts to herself.
every time i ride in a car with her i become nervous. not because she is a bad driver, but because she breaks for every animal. dogs, cats, birds, and butterflies. don't get me wrong. i try to avoid hitting animals, but butterflies? they are hard to avoid. it's like they congregate in the middle of the road. if i were to try to avoid them all, i would end up over a hill.
yet (yes, this is where it becomes and even odder...ha.. otter.. blog) i found myself dodging butterflies yesterday. it was a reflex. i didn't realize i was doing it until i almost hit a car. i am not sure if tammy has influenced me or if it is a twin thing and she is able to take over my body without me knowing. that would explain why i ate so much the other night...
but dodging butterflies? what kind of man does this? a girly man? a loving man? a godly man? maybe just a complete idiot. i am sure i will stick with that one.
i admit it has been awhile since i have really stopped to write a good post, but i just can't seem to find the time. i am getting scared. i think i am becoming an adult. it could be due to the fact i am going to be a dad in a few months or maybe because i am going to be 30... whatever the case.. i hate it.
two nights ago i told angie i was going to give up some of my comics so we could have extra money for jasper. i couldn't believe what i was saying. i love my comics. sometimes more than i love life it's self. if i start selling my action figures online.. please someone step in and stop me. that is just insane.
also, this weekend begins the mowing of my yard by-dum dum dum.... myself. it makes me sick to my stomach to think about, but some times you have to step up and be a man or your wife tells you to buy a mower cause she is sick of paying the neighbor to mow. not that scott doesn't do a good job, but we are saving money... but i am losing my innocence in the process..
well, i hope you all have a wonderful day. i know i will.


Zach! said...

Send your pull list to me, silly.

Sgt. Salt said...

you're a girl

Tommy said... are mean.

Sgt. Salt said...

just kidding!