Tuesday, May 06, 2008

dear geek squad guy

dear mr.geek squad,
i must apologize for what actions transpired may 3rd between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. .
my job was to return the microwave my friend had purchased the day before, while he found the microwave of his dreams (he actually thought he had purchased it the day before, but he wasn't paying attention and pick this ugly white and sliver microwave).
when i entered the store i was already confused. i was unable to understand the directions of the people around me. they kept telling me to go to geek squad, but i noticed customer service was right next to your station. so i proceeded to get in line. then you called me over to where you were. you asked me to sit the microwave down and then return to my spot in line. i did this. i waited and waited. there was only one poor woman working customer service and i could see she was not having the best day of her life, but it was close to getting better. she was going to see my smiling face and i was going to be the nicest person she had seen all day.
i was one person away when i heard someone yelling sir. i looked and saw you pointing to me and motioning me over. i walked over thinking you were going to take care of me.
"is this your microwave?"
"is it broken?"
"nope, it's not the one we wanted."
"oh, ok.. you can get back in line."
"yay! your checking out?" my friend says as i turn to notice he is carrying his new microwave.
"well, actually no. i was getting close to checking out, but he called me over to ask me a question."
"what? why did he do that?"
"i don't know and now i am back at the end of the line."
i walked to the end of the line to patiently wait for me to face the sad cashier. i heard a voice in anger and i turned to see my friend getting annoyed with you, the geek squad man. i could hear a few TV MATURE words and i noticed my friend, who normally is very nice, was very angry.
to save your life i walked over and tried to calm him down and he left to go get some bullets for his gun. thankfully you didn't know this. he wasn't going to kill you. i promise. he had been given a gun and needed bullets. thankfully we didn't stop by the sporting goods store first or you would have had a worse fate.
as you know i made the exchange and was on my way.
you have no idea how blessed you were to not feel the wrath of this man. he maybe smiling, but he is killing you inside.

p.s. his wrath and anger maybe due to what i had given him earlier that day (read post before to understand).

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