Thursday, January 18, 2007

razors and the burn

i admit, it has been many months since my last blog. i find it hard to write my thoughts and feelings out for the world to read. well.. i guess not the world. not many people know about this and i am not someone that everyone wants to know about.
so what has been going on you ask.. well, i have recently left the mission (YAY!). i am searching for a job and i shaved my butt... what? yeah i shaved my butt. i was looking in the mirror and i noticed that dark brown hair over my crack. without thinking i took out my razor and covered the top part of my butt with lotion and began to shave. we all know once you start you can't stop. i kept shaving.
when my wife returned home i showed her. her words were " you shaved your butt, but left the back hair?" that never crossed my mind, but i am not really willing to shave my back after feeling the burn i believe i am not going to shave anything else on my body.. well i may shave my face...
so, yeah that is what is new in my life. how about you?

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