Monday, January 22, 2007

when the music fades

what does that mean? when the music fades? does that mean when it stops? when it dies? when someone at the soundboard slowly turns it down? i have just never understood that saying. have you ever had a saying like that in your head and never understood it? what are they? do they really matter? i don't believe when i get to heaven i will ask God what that saying means, but i do believe the music will never fade. and if it does something better will replace it. maybe like sweat pants being a cool thing to wear. i miss sweat pants. i mean, they don't really make you look that good, but they are comfortable. they also soak up sweat. so if you are fat that is a good thing. or maybe it will be shaving your name in the back of your head. yeah.. that would be cool. my mom never let me do that when i was younger. she said it was too redneck, but if you ask me. it was cool.. so yeah.. i am going to shave my name in the back of my head.
well.... i guess that is all i have. what do you have? anything?

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