Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sweat on the gym seat

i have started working out more. trying to get this old body into shape. i am not going for perfect or cut. just a firmer body. maybe a few more veins ya know.. just a little to make you feel good about yourself. along this journey i have discovered two things.
1. the new diet may cause gas.
i have been eatting a lot of vegs. sounds healthy and good for a man my age. yet it really hurts my wife. when i have to run out of the bedroom to just fart in the hallway and she screams...."stay out there until it is gone!"
2. sitting at the gym.
after a nice long run and a strong workout it is not smart to sit down. you see when you workout your body begins to sweat. you can not only sweat under your arms or your brow, but your butt can sweat too. i knew this deep down, but i never thought it would happen to me. i sat down to talk to some other fellow hard bodies. when i stood up to go to my next workout i looked down and there it was ... the huge sweat marks from my butt... they both looked down at it.
(oh and the fellow hard bodies comment... yeah... that is a lie. they are fat.)

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Paul said...

fellow hard-bodies: andy and deb?