Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hair and Bald spots

i have this annoying habit. no.. i don't bite my nails. that is just sick. no... i don't scracth my butt and smell it. that is just funny. i cut my hair myself sometimes. true... i am going bald and i believe when you are going thin you should keep it short, but i still like to look nice. well... yesterday i looked in the mirror and thought.. " my hair needs to be shorter." so i took out the almighty clippers and began to cut and cut. normally i use #4, but no i used #2! what the heck! i used NUMBER 2...2...2??? so yeah.. i screwed my balding head up. i tried to do a fade and yeah... it didn't work out as well as my mind had painted it. i woke up early (10) this morning to get my hair fixed by a man named poodle. i asked him to just fix the sides and back. a simple task. while he was working on my hair i listened to the 2 old men who seem to always be there, but never get their hair cut. they were talking about the weather. About money. About the new leadership in the town. then the old man looked at me. his wrinkled toothless face smiled. he asked when was the last time i got any? got any? i asked. you know, rode the little lady? i was taken back by this man who could be my grandpa asking me when was the last time i had sex. i just smiled and laughed... praying and hoping poodle would hurry... while i dodged this man's question i noticed poodle was running the clippers over my head. i figured i must have missed a hair or two... he turned me around to look in the mirror and there it was... me looking like a state cop. my round face with the huge ears sticking out of my head. my father would have asked me if i were preparing to take flight with those ears... i paid the man and walked out quickly to my car. "it would grow back... right?" we shall see, but i had no hair.

i am sure you are looking at this and thinking it is a pointless story. you are correct. i read some of my former posts and i was sick to my stomach at my "teenaged" entries. i am going to focus on the lighter side of life. God will still be a huge part of my blog, but i want to focus on the moments that he allows me to laugh and learn. sad moments will come and i am sure i will write on those, but let's please laugh.

seems like i would have learned my lessons the last time cutting hair on my body. speaking of which... my nipple hairs have gone a little wild. (i even added a pic of the bad cut)

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