Sunday, January 28, 2007

my brother in bed with satan

how many of you are sick of the gas wars? do you find yourself cursing at w.bush? i once was like you. i hated to pull up to the pump and see the price once again jumping up and down like the fat man's belly running down the road. yet i have discovered it is not w's fault. nor is it the middle east's evil ways. WHAT?! yes, i have found the men and some women behind this great injustice to our nation. they are the ones who take your money at the local shell station. "oh please you must jest tommy". no my dear friend i do not jest.
back in 2006 my dear brother in-law pawl began working for this "family" based business. he slowly worked his way up the the ladder of slicks and pricks. he had made friends with such people called hollywood. he was living the good life. fast cars and women (well, not women...he seems to strike out in that area). sure he has to wear a red shirt with yellow trim on the collar, but trust me when i say... he is the one who controls the price of gas. it breaks my heart to tell the families shame. i just can't take it anymore. he was once a beautiful soul. he was my friend who had a hard time saying truck as a kid (he would say the f word instead.. it was so funny. we would always get him to do it on the bus on the way home from school). he was the one who taught me how to express my love through the music of bar chords.
i miss you pawl. please leave this evil company that controls the flow of gas. the power is not worth it.. ask sadam... sure you have power and the cream of the crop for co-workers, but it's not worth it. hollywood hasn't even been to dollywood..

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