Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mrs.PacMan and Pawl

many months ago i received the high score at the pizza hut in richmond. "high score in what?" you may ask. it was the classic game called mrs.pacman. i sweat away as my two brother in-laws (pawl and danny) watched and took photos of the monumental moment. cheers went up as i cleared each stage. first they meet. then the chase. then the baby. etc (not THAT etc john). it was a night i would not soon forget.

tonight after coming in a sad third in bowling- i returned to that same pizza hut on this cold night. walking past the famed game, pawl points out no one has beat my score. without thought i pulled a quarter from my wallet (yes i said my wallet. i hate change in my pocket. it gets in the way of my chap stick). the music feels the air as people rush back and forth to the restroom. pawl watches. he sees the flow of my hand over the joy stick. he calls out the fruits to aid me in the quest for the highest score. yet, my wife without thinking asks what i want to drink and i die.. yes i die. i blame her. so does pawl. she should have known i wanted a diet...look at this body.. what does it need?

tonight i was reminded of my secret lover... mrs.pacman.. so watch out pacman.. your yellow round woman will be mine.. (you will notice to the right my number one foe).

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