Monday, February 05, 2007

working at congeltons!

most of my adult (i use this term lightly) life i have worked in "full time" ministry. i have known the pain of putting up with some odd christians (southland seems to have a lot of them and they seem to follow me) and working with some pretty cool ones. i have been sheltered i guess you would say. i am not the legalistic type, but i was always around it. i would speak of the "lost" as if i were better than them. i think i did. i learned a lot about life while working at the ministry, but i never felt free. as christians we have a habit of judging. we speak of love yet show very little. we speak of the sinners and the hell that they are going to enjoy at the end of time. a sad way to think and far from Christ.
now that i am no longer with the mission i have found myself working in the "world" and i love it! i work at a hardware store (odd isn't it...well you should have seen me as a P.E. teacher) with some very cool people. they are not "christians" yet they love more than anyone i have ever met. my first day everyone came out to meet me. even the lumber yard men (i was scared of them). day after day i learn something new about these people. their lives and there faults. they learn mine too. i finally believe i am learning what it means to be Jesus. i am finally learning to live in this world and walk in it. the "lost" doesn't seem so lost anymore and i have found freedom from the judging eye of christians.
i admit... this was a little serious. sorry. it was the only thing on my mind at the time. i promise to start talking about body hair and farting. i have yet to show you the bodily functions side of me. i always heard "love can be understood in any language", but i believe it is farting. even a french man would laugh at a fart.

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kilroywashere said...

hey- i am glad that you both like your job but are seeing that sometimes our perspectives can be narrow. it's so hard not to be legalistic and judgmental, but God works in us. we don't have to agree with others actions, but we do have to love them. it's hard. i can't wait to talk to you.