Wednesday, July 09, 2008

what the?

random madness... that is what i am calling my life.
i come in straight from vacation to a week of court. i am not complaining. ok.. maybe a little. i am just having a hard time focusing on the things i need to do.
1. i need to get to work on jasper's room.
2. i need to visit robert.
3. broke a promise to visit brad.
4. find a way to enjoy "ministry minded" things again.
5. mow my freak'n yard.
6. figure out if we want to have robbie seay back.
7. figure out what i am going to speak on at dustin's camp thursday night.
8. teach myself how to juggle.
9 shower.

in all honesty i am having a hard time focusing on anything at all. i have avoided phone calls, praying, sleeping, and once in awhile eating (not very often).
this goes to prove that adderall isn't a cure all (is that one word or two?).

i am hoping tonight i can visit robert and take care of some issues up at mountain mayhem. well, try to take care of them.

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