Monday, July 21, 2008

realizing i am old

this past weekend i went to the movies with a few of my younger friends.
what started out as a short drive turned into an all night "adventure" (only word i could think of that wouldn't be offensive to them).
the dark knight was sold out until 10:50. so we went to barnes and noble and hung out for 2 hours. this didn't bother me. i love books and gosh darnit they love me too.
from there we went to best buy. this is a huge temptation for me. i love music and i was surrounded by good deals and some hot music that i thought i would need. yet i was strong and avoided purchasing the lovely noise.
from there we headed over to the theater. while the rest drove brad and i walked. we need to catch up. since he graduated i felt like i haven't talked to him in years. he has always been a good kid, but has a way of getting himself into trouble.
i finally find my place in the soft seat and was ready to see my hero kicking butt...
8 previews later i get to see the movie..
it was awesome. i couldn't believe how good it was. as a comic book nerd i only had a few complaints... i wanted to cry, clap, and scream. it was beautiful. thankfully you can't tell that it is heath playing the joker... so the movies can go on.
as we are exiting the theater i hear my good friend the beast suggest getting something to eat.
it is 1 a.m.!
they are closed.
taco bell?
that food makes me sick.
the waffle house!
dear God i am never going to get home.
we sit.
we eat.
we laugh at the drunk man.
we finally leave to go home.
after a long drive and listening to the worst music ever placed on this earth, i arrive at my car. it is 3:50 a.m. ...
i drive as quickly as i can to get home.
i lay down at 4:04.
8 a.m. i recieve a text.
i ignore it.
10 a.m. a friend calls.
i refuse it (won't be the first or the last time).
i lay in bed until 1. i realize i am getting old and i need my sleep.
i take a deep breath and slowly get out of bed. my body hurts. my mind is slow. i am old. i am old and sore. i am my father.

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