Thursday, July 10, 2008

what i have discovered

peanut butter and jelly is not part of a well balanced diet.
reading a book with the f-word is not accepted by most churches.
just because you have lost weight doesn't mean you should wear a speedo.
doing image searches is not wise in court ( dennis looked up "poop").
i have funking shoulder hair.
some people are not meant to be funny (debbie downer is not a friend of mine).
it is hard to find music that paul likes.
a2's car has a small tank, but rides smooth.
when my friend's fast i think they are spiritual.
when my friend's curse while fasting i think it is funny, but so wrong.
when i try to fast, i last for an hour. i loves my twinkies.
crazy people aren't the only one's who hear voices.

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