Tuesday, July 22, 2008

countdown to becoming an old man

soon i will be 30. i will have to give up the things that i once loved.

relevant magazine (it is geared toward 20 somethings).
saying things like "bro" and "dude".
hanging out with kids from my youth group (it just comes off creepy).
reading comic books in public (this should become a closet sport).
watching anything on mtv (since i am becoming more mature i should view that channel as filth, but secretly watch it).
take up more mature reading materials (step away from the christian self help books and start reading autobiographies).
take all song lyrics off facebook, myspace, and e-mails.
fix relationships that i once ignored (ummm.. maybe not. there are a few people from southland i would like to forget and a handful that are not related to my fundi past that would be better off forgotten).
stop telling fart jokes.
stop talking about poop.
stop laughing at perverted middle school jokes.
learn to keep thoughts to myself even when i know they are going to make everyone around me laugh.
refrain from making fun of people (this will be hard. a lot of my friendships are built around making fun of people).
i must give up cartoons!!! which will be easier since the avatar was cancelled.

this is just a small list of things that a 30 something should avoid. i am sure as i mature i will discover a larger list.

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