Wednesday, July 30, 2008

after coffee mints

boy, those mints are strong. i put a couple in my mouth and my eyes start to water. tears streaming down my face as i sit at my desk and try to figure out how to enter a judge's order. i look on the box of mints for a warning.
there isn't one.
my eyes burn.
should i file a lawsuit?
i wipe my eyes and the mint "dust" on my fingers gets into my contacts.
oh sweet merciful luthor!
it burns.
i am now starting to sweat. i feel drops running down my forehead.
is this snot coming out of my nose?
what have these mints done to me?

i want to curse.
i want to go home and forget about work because of these stupid things.
i get up from my desk and walk back and forth.
i go blow my nose.
i wipe the sweat off my face...

i eat 4 more mints.


Matthew Paul Turner said...


Especially this line, "oh sweet merciful luthor!"

I think coffee just squirted out of my nose.

Matthew Paul Turner said...
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