Thursday, July 24, 2008

slipping on a desk

short story. promise.
the county attorney stopped by the office to refresh his memory on some legal stuff. there was no problem with him doing this. he really doesn't need any of our help unless the book he needs is on the very top book shelf. that is where i come in. i have to stand up on a desk and reach for them (i am not very tall, but i am not a "little person" either).
i happily told him i would retrieve the book of his choice (today has been a really good day and my mood has been kind of hyper). i walked into the back office and jumped on to the desk. once my feet hit the desk i slid. thankfully i was able to catch myself before i damaged myself or the bookshelf. someone had taken furniture polish to the desk!
as i stood there making sure i was ok, i turned to notice if anyone had seen my display of idiotic talents. thankfully no one was there, but i could feel the red on my face and the worry of falling off of that desk.
it's still a good day.. i just won't be jumping on desks anymore...

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