Monday, July 14, 2008

the office is no more

if you have ever been to my house you would have seen my office/guestroom... what many call the "batman" room. it was covered in a lot of my comic book stuff, had some really good books on a desk, and was very dark (you could sleep all day in there). it was my hiding place. it was my own room. it was my favorite place in the whole house.
this is hard to say...
yesterday i had to empty all of my stuff out of my room. i took down my batman curtains, all of my pictures, boxed up all of my books, cds, and a few action figures (toys to you laymen). i have to make room for my son, jasper. it was hard and sad, but at the same time it was kind of exciting. soon i will have a little baby boy. a son who will carry on his father's love for people in spandex. at least he better.
my wife hopes he loves sports. i hate sports. i hope he hates math. she loves math. we will see who wins. i think it is me hands down. who grows up loving math? well, besides my wife?

on a different subject: i burned the hair off of my right hand. it seems like i would learn to stop throwing lighter fluid onto fire, but those dang boxes would not burn without it or so i tell myself.

on another different subject: batman comes out this weekend!

yet another different subject: i think i forgot deodorant this morning. wait.. no.. i didn't. thank goodness.


Amanda N. said...

Why do you keep referring to Riley as Jasper?

Tommy said...

because riley's nickname is jasper (the name i wanted him to have first).

Amanda N. said...

Oh I see I thought maybe the name was still up for debate :)