Monday, February 19, 2007

phoebe's darkest hour

today i heard some disturbing news. it's not a bodily function funny, but what the heck anger. today while visiting my doctor he told me about something that happened at his restaurant phoebe's. Friday night a baptist church rented the restaurant to have a special speaker. the cost was 30 dollars a plate (i should be baptist... they must be rich). 2 local girls were asked to help the speaker for the evening. the pastors daughter and a deacon's daughter. they were asked to paint their face black. the speaker also painted his face and look somewhat like a cross dresser. he instructed the girls to address the guests as "master" (add gone with the wind slave accent). the speaker talked with the same. through the evening he told his story. the same story saved through grace... yet why did he put down black people? it makes me ashamed to live in a southern state. makes us look evil and heartless.

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